1. Growler

    Hard Life...

    *Edited out* I just wanted to :warning: punch his friends face in :warning: Warning for posting pornographic material on the forums. Review your images and videos before posting them in the future. ~Boyster
  2. N

    That game real life

    Hi im a noobie and i noticed a thread about a game called real life. There are no links on gamespot for the site or whatever can anyone help me?
  3. I

    half life 2 and 1

    could you have half life 2 to play this game or is it just for the numero 1
  4. I

    half life 2 files

    what the half life 2 files do?
  5. |Overlord|

    Gamer Sentenced for a real life kill,aid,121299,tk,dn060905X,00.asp the link says it all , i wonder if this sought of thing happens in any other games
  6. U

    Cd-Key Half Life oNe

    I hAVE sOmE troublE when I wAnt to pLay esf. I waNt to PLay earthspecialforces with steam,but the steam need the cd key for half life one. I have been looked for tat half life one,but I can't find it. So cAn anYboDy whO have the cd key can give me for free? I really want to play it for...
  7. Munch

    Half life WON

    I have half life but uses WON and I need A steam Half life so is there a way to download a steam platform for hl instead of WON or do I have to buy a new half life and do they sell a steam half life on steam or in a shop around JHB thanx
  8. A

    i have counterstrike cz which runs of the half life

    okes people as u can see i have that runs of the hlf engine and i have a ledgit version of steam but it wont let me install it into steam so i can use if this is possible plz let me know plz
  9. clen

    Pl is Life

    How bout a mode where your pl is your hp so say u have 750,000 pl and get hit with a khh which has 700,000 pl (this mode would work better if THIS too was implemented) then you have 50,000 pl/life left. C&C Welcome and if you say this sucks then at least say why.
  10. K

    what for are the files half life 2

    I understud that the game is not working whith hl2 but I dont understend why are those files there what for? :confused: half-life 2 Files...on the homepage files....
  11. N

    Half life source or normal one

    i need which CD? Half life source or half life?Please Reply Fast.
  12. Growler

    The OMG of my life...

    ok, so my dad took me out to teach me standard on my newly bought SAAB 900 S... right... So i go out, I stall out soo much. this fat **** lady is looking at us. She goes inside. So im still trying to get this down, right? ok, so im out there without registration or insurance... turns out she...
  13. G

    can i play esf with half life 2?

    is there a way to play ESf with half life 2? I just need to know Ok thank you :]
  14. LordOfThought

    Can i Use half life 2 with steam to play ESF???

    I use to play this game using the old counter strike, but now its been deleted, now i've been using half life 2's steam to play but can't locate the download area for esf even from all of the version?! is it true i cant use the new half life2 ?? PLZ HELP :cry:
  15. |Overlord|


    What do u think of life , i mean really "if there is life , then why is there death" and so on , the bible never answered this questions
  16. D

    esf with half life 2 engine?

    its may already been suggested or even given the answer but mabey the esf team could convert the code into half life 2 so the people who want it in hl2 engine can play esf, its just with the half life 2 engine the esf team could add better more cool effects its jsut the hl1 engines starting to...
  17. R

    Buying Half Life

    As far as I know Steam doesn't have an option to buy Half Life by itself, so is there another way to buy the game without having to go to the store and pay $20 or buy the $50 silver package on steam to get a bunch of stuff I don't need along with Half Life? I mean, if I just buy the CD key...
  18. F

    half life 2

    is there any project to do the same mod on HL2? plz answer me i love this mod :cry:
  19. Munch

    WON Half Life Help

    When I use a steam version of counter strike 1.6 to put esf on it works but when I use a old WON version of halflife ESF does not work on it any one know how I can get it to work on the old WON version of halfife
  20. crazykorean10

    Were is your stage in life?

    well i am gonna go to puberty(sp?) in 2-3 years also this is the years i get lectured about this *** test in Texas that i have to pass to get to the next grade My personal life isnt going to well either... my parents yell at me... brothers keep punching me... and the fact that my friends think...