1. B

    can't play lan & other probs

    hello again, now i can finally play but it says it cant load my client.dll file so i download 1.3 and no more error but now when i try to play online it says "script events/ not found' so i created the directory " events' and created the file but i cant still play...
  2. Killface

    esf lan game

    help me. i dont know how to play an esf lan game. i turn on half life and click on custom game and nothings there, i dont have the internet so i have to play lan with bots. also i clicked on lan game and all i can play is half life lan games.
  3. Killface

    esforces lan

    hey, how do i play esforces on lan with bots? I dont have won and i cant use steam because i dont have the internet, and steam needs the internet to do something (dont know what exactly). please help me out.
  4. I


    I have a question !!!!!!! Can i make a lan game with ESF becouse my brother wants to play to and then we share connection and play against eachother If u know plzzz tell me @t [email protected]
  5. Killface

    Lan game

    Im not really smart when it comes to games, but, how would you add bots in a lan game for esforces and counter strike. i dont have the internet so i have to play against the computer. and my half-life games keep screwing up. every time I try to play, my screen goes really frizzy and then this...
  6. T

    LAN Help

    Hi im new to ESF,but im wondering if theirs a way I can play without glitchs on LAN hope you can help :)
  7. N


    i have install de esf in mode WON ..i could play in lan mode without intenet or steam?
  8. E

    my lan is work but internet games not! its says to do update and i do!!!!!

    what nowwwwwwwww??????????????????????????? :warning: O_O
  9. |Overlord|

    LAN server Crash

    ok , i was doing testing on a p3933 , 256mb of sd memory and a 32mb g2 gts , my main computer (2400+,512mb ddr333,asus a7n8xe deluxe board,40gig ata 100 drive, fx5200) was server. i dunno if this is an esf bug but when i swooped up to my main com's player using the 933 and teleported away using...
  10. C

    problem with ESF on HL1.6 Lan version

    I've got a problem with my steam LAN version1.6. :scared: I tried to install ESF 1.2 for this verion but there is a problem with the game mode data file! :warning:.I only can play the team mode!;-( Can someone help me where I can find the game data file in my esf folder? :confused: Or how I...
  11. TwisteR

    LAN cheater gets owned

    right click save as Might have been staged, but I think its pretty funny.
  12. zed

    lan restritcted to local areas(class C)

    i don't know if it's a steam bug but if i make a game and let others join it, it won't work. It think i'm trying to play offline with esf?
  13. P

    ESF LAN MAP Character

    Ok I had so many many trouble to enter the menu I changed the command to : F:\Sierra\Counter-Strike\cstrike.exe -console -game esf I finally got in the menu that way BUT i can't choose any character... they all are Hl characters... and when I try to run a game whatever map I choose it tells...
  14. B

    ESF on LAN

    Its really annoying for me, ive done everything people have told me (upgraded my graphics driver etc.) but nothing works. Each time I use advanced melee i disappear but i see my opponent getting hit (my opponent looks like he's getting punched by an invisible person) then when i use combos i...
  15. Y


    HELP ME PLASE im getting to nasty errors: 1- when i finish connecting to the server, when the console pulls up...HL ERROR damm... OK back to desktop 2- After playing 4 a while on lan with bots, back to desktop
  16. B

    How i can make Lan game in steam

    I think this has been send many times, but i have to hurry. i got something...interesting. :rolleyes:
  17. B

    Games for a LAN

    can u u say some games for a lan which u can play 24 hours
  18. P

    Can't play LAN or Internet

    I don't know if this problem has been solved before. Whenever I try to start a LAN game or an Internet game, the game freezes and Windoze XP tells me about HL.exe causing a problem. This doesn't happen with DoD or any other mod I have installed. Thanks in advanced for any help you will be...
  19. S

    LAN Bots And DragonBalls

    SUp every one I have a question when im playing in LAN with my bots on DragonBall Senzu Bean mode sometime the program just automatically shuts out and i have to restart the program and start from the begging it was quite annoying when i was trying to lvl up vegeta. and 2. sometimes when i carry...
  20. H

    Lan Problem

    help, i am tyring to play a lan game between two computers i have at home. my problem is that i get an Invalid Steam UserId Ticket. With old half-lfie, i could play two people on a lan game, but with steam, im assuming i can't do that. I bought the half life cd and own teh cd key, no ripped...