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    hahaha ssj in lan

    ok bruno i knew that it was whit the script normaly it dosent work in lan only on the internet ok er den feset in på lystavlen you did not under stand hahahahahahaha *lol*
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    sjj in lan 3rd part

    ok its whit the ssj scipt and its how to go ssj in lan not on the internet
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    ssj in lan 2nd part

    if you whant to know how to go sjj or perfect cell or special freeza send me a email or a private message and i will give it to you
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    ssj in lan

    i know how to go ssj and perfect cell and special freeza do you whant to know then send me a messege
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    Best Explosion Ever!!!

    Not sure it was becuase I had set the gravity really high but me (Gotenks007) and my friend (Nightshade) were both goku. We had almost exactly 3.2mil energy and fired a kamehameha wave which stayed right in the middle until our powers ran out. Now mine ran out first so the energy slowly moved...