1. DaFeLa

    ESF lan ? bug ?

    ok here is my problem i want to play with my friend (privat) i open my console and type his ip but when its finishing with connecting it appears this one: lan server are restrictec class c or something what should we do to fiy this problem ? THX P.s we used the same version 1.2.3
  2. Painkiller

    Talk throught lan

    Hey guys Since my ISP often ****S UP I'm here to ask you if there's some software I can download to "talk" (not chat) with other people in my local network THX
  3. R

    Need some help

    I don't use steam I use ESF 1.2.3. with ECX RC2 with Big Pack 8.4 I have Half-Life 1 w/ ESF and a Half-Life+CS1.6 combined version I use Router All drivers u2d 2 things i want to ask 1., How to evolve to SSJ4 with Goku or Vegeta? I have 25 million KI in _normal_mode (so in ssj3...
  4. J

    LAN Ideas?

    At my college we usually have a free period around 12pm, so I take in counterstrike and so on. Now I have half life and ESF and we play them nearly all the time but I was wondering is it possible for someone to make a trainer? so we can turn our power level up and change the speed we fly easier?
  5. V

    My game is only visible on LAN

    Hi there i seem to have an issue with playing online, whenever i create a game, noone can see it, and i myself can only see it under the LAN tabs. Are you using Steam? Yes Are you using version 1.2.3 of ESF? Yes Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? Nope What game are you trying...
  6. Smeg

    Lan Game?

    Hi All Just would like some pointers if you know some. I am running vista and have a NetGear DG834G this is a 4 port router/modem 27000 through to 27015 are open on TCP and UTP on the router. sv_lan is set to "0" Everytime I create a server, nobody can see me on the server games...
  7. R

    How To Become Admin or LAN server ?

    Everything is good .. I got the ESF 1.2.3 and I am the admin... I can change my power and everything.... But once I install ECX RC2 I can't be admin anymore.... And once I am the admin I cant change my power lvl as if I have no Rank on my own server (LAN)... Help plz............. :cry:
  8. J

    wtf can no longer creat lan servers

    hmm ever since i got esf i never played online servers i just make my own lan and play with bots im useing esf ecx rc2 but i just went to play and it says starts local game server but then just stops and stays at the menue what gives
  9. H

    LAN Saving

    Ok, me and my brother have this game, and there is something so that you can save your character so long as you dont change your guy, ex, from goku to frieza. but when we try to do it, it says that we are not playing a LAN game, any help?
  10. A


    does this mod support lan??cause i wanna play in lan with this mod and i would like to if i should download it or not
  11. goku-chan

    ESF in LAN with Hamachi

    I whanted to start this thread cuz I whant to play in LAN with someone. So ho whants to play ESF beta 1.2.3 or open beta 1.3 ( I usually play ESF beta )log on to Hamachi and join my server: Server Name: . Password: . If you whant to contact faster me, my Yahoo ID is cyberbulkx5. ( I realy whant...
  12. malrak_dossta

    Error 1.3 Beta LAN

    Im trying to LAN 1.3, both editions of the beta fail with the error message: "Host_Error: DispatchUserMsg: Illegal User Msg 128" Does anyone know what this means? Thank You! Malrak Edit: It fails during launch of a server
  13. Koren

    lan connection problem

    when i start a game on lan and try to play with my cousin or friend we cant see each others games no matter who starts it this happens for all original half-life games i was wondering if any of u could help me? its worked in the past but that was years ago so any advice would be great, i have...
  14. Dark89

    LAN Problems! Need Help!!! LAN PARTY ON SUNDAY!!!

    ok lets see, i have this problem when i try to connect two machines ok i create the game and when i try to join with the other machine i get an error "VALVE validation rejected" so what the ..... is that!!! its happens the same with NT Mod, but it dosent happent with CS or Half-Life, is there a...
  15. Jariroth

    Good games to play on LAN?

    Well the thing is that i live in a student dormitory of my school with few of my friends. Of course dormitory life gets boring at times, especially when you cant drink any alcohol while living there. We were thinking any good games to play on our local network and i think we have played almost...
  16. A

    can't play online or lan

    i have esf dragon ball instaled but when i try to play with my friends i can't. when i try to connect online or lan this appears "VALVE Validation Rejected" why ?? can somebody help me pls????but if i change to CS or HL it works.... what should i do
  17. D

    Error trying to create a LAN game!

    Hi I installed HL and ESF 1.2.3! When i go into ESF and say create game in LAN it gives me an error that says "cant load client.dll"!!! PLZ HELP ME:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  18. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Good RPG for a LAN?

    My friends are just starting to get into this LAN stuff and they seem to have an idea in their heads that it would be cool to play an RPG. The only things I can think of are stuff like Dungeon Siege and Neverwinter Nights. I don't remember NVN, but I played a demo of Dungeon Siege 2 and don't...
  19. KidMan

    Lan client

    I think for 1.3 they should have an online client (one used through steam) and one thats a Lan client that can only allow you to play on a lan network and not online, no matter what you do. I like this better then having to log onto steam and then create a lan connection that way. Especially...
  20. MONXver2.0

    Lan parties. Dose anyone know a site.

    Besides lanparty . com to help people find other people for lan parties?
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