1. Eon

    Kill the Open Beta links?

    So I was thinking about the Open Beta link and how it can be very confusing to newcomers. The average intelligence of some dude who signs up on the forums and immediately runs here to make some thread isn't exactly astounding. 90% they usually don't understand that the Open Beta link is from a...
  2. IFlip92

    Kill Count Bonuses/Death Count Bonuses

    As the Thread Title says, would it be possible to implement a sort of Call of Duty kill/support streak bonus system. Or have some sort of milestones per game that grant you bonuses? I think it would be quite fun to have something like Person x gets 10 kills -> receives 0.5 speed bonus. Person y...
  3. M

    Guru Attempts to Kill Skeptic With Magic

    Here's the abridged version of the event: Source:
  4. sub

    Pakistan order to kill U.S. troops in country,25197,24336245-2703,00.html To sum it up, the U.S. sent some troops into Pakistan to round up suspected terrorists. The Pakistani government didn't take kindly to this, thus issued an order to kill any U.S. troops found inside Pakistan. We're...
  5. sub

    How would you kill the poster above you?

    Forum game. Go
  6. Y

    Don't kill me

    Hy, i am new here :D How title say's "don't kill me" , wy .. hmm is not about dbz Wath i want to do .. uff .. i want to do a MOD with naruto personaje and other ... and i want to know : - Wath i need to do models - How can i put "jutus" on game - I can do somthing like this ?
  7. DJ-Ready

    can a high resolution kill a monitor?!

    Ok, I was in my display settings and increased my resolution to something like 2048 times xxx or something like that ... I hit apply and my screen turned black. So I just though the monitor couldn't display that resolution and it would turn back to 1600x1200 after 15 seconds ... but it didn't...
  8. veqeta


    Hi i was wondering how people made those images appear when they kill someone, if someone could tell me it would be great.
  9. BloodWraith

    Atleast I won't hav to kill the Punisher... :> ok ESF time

    Since they're taking so long to make 1.3 im sure its going to b gud. Apart from lv 2 tranformations, what other cool stuff r they gna add? new maps, chars...any ideas? P.S Im not fully gud...i stil have Rage and my normal evilness :D
  10. Growler

    Kill Bill - Painting

    Go-Go - Painting Worked about 1 hour and 45 minutes on it. Started off as a speed painting, but I got too much into it
  11. Ravendust

    How do you kill your Pyramid Heads?

    I was inspired by the movie trailer to play through the game again, and that in turn inspired me to make this thread... EDIT: Nuttzy I didn't know you could post before i'd even finished writing in the poll options o_O
  12. Andreyesf

    Speed kill

    lets say you do a animated combo and when the animated combo is almost finish the time stops and you must press a button very fast :) to push your enemy or something like that :yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. Hash

    How To Kill A Mockingbird

    Omg, I think this is the funniest thing i've ever seen. It starts out normal, but just wait, it's the most INSANE thing ever. This Is How The Book Should've Been
  14. Kiljax

    Kill Masking?

    I'm no n00b, but I don't have a clue where I should put this. What in the world is 'kill masking'? I was recently accused of doing this and I have no idea what in the world it means. Thanks.
  15. Growler

    Kill Bill Sig

    what do you guys think?
  16. B

    How to kill crickets and other household bugs?

    ok, just saw a big ass cricket in my house, tried to kill it but it was a big one and hopped away too quick for me. i tried to spray it with deoderant first as to impair its hopping ability, no baby oil was on hand, which is great for spiders. whats a good way to kill them! like a trap or...
  17. Growler

    Terminator Droid (No, it really doesn't kill, lol...)

    Original Design, not based off of anything but my head :)
  18. |Overlord|

    Gamer Sentenced for a real life kill,aid,121299,tk,dn060905X,00.asp the link says it all , i wonder if this sought of thing happens in any other games
  19. D

    Kill to death pictures

    post some of ur k:d pics id like to see wat ppls best k:ds r. heres a few of mine (not amazing, but good for me)
  20. dudeman

    Upload script.. kill my host!

    yo people, for all of you seeking a simple host for your artwork, ive put up a little script that lets you upload files of 5 meg max, as many as you like, and theres no limit to the number of files you can upload.[i might disable adding new files if it gets out of hand] Nor do you need to...