1. K

    steam cd key.

    all my cd keys arent working , ive tried like 60 , and none of them work , whats going on.
  2. Catman

    Whats wrong with asking for a cd key

    Um i asked for a cdkey and my thread got closed i wanna know why it got closed all i needed a cdkey for was steam because my dad restored my computer so when ever i try to put my cdkey in steam it says cdkey is in use whats so wrong with asking for one i dont undetstand why it was closed.........
  3. J

    extra HL cd key

    this will probably be weird, but does anyone have an extra HL cdkey i can have,the only reason i need this is bcuz my mom threw the paper that had mine on it away O_o so i didnt know and i reinstalled and its kinda hard to install without your cdkey so anyone :laff:
  4. F

    Quake 3 Arena CD Key

    Hey all :D This weekend, I got Quake 3 Arena, which I just love, but when I tried my cd - key, boom didn't work lol :D If anyone used to play quake 3 arena, and still has an original cd key, pls exchange with me! I am willing to give a CS oroginal cd key :D tks in advance
  5. Colgetto

    Changing Cs-HL key code

    Does someone know how to change the Counterstrike/Half Life Keycode? thx.
  6. B

    Help With Key Binding!

    Ok I wanted to know how to bind teleport and energy to different keys? Can anyone please tell the command?
  7. H

    steam cd key ;_;

    i have a problem i want to add some games on my list but when i entered my cd key from the half life cd this f**** steam wont accept it ;_; someone can help me?? :cry: :cry:
  8. A

    Half-Life CD Key

    :cry: Is there anyone out there that has half-life and dosent plan on playing it anymore,if so could i plz have ur cd key passcode considering my case has been lost for two weeks now :cry: i did have it on my computer bug my computer was hacked and i had to restore
  9. R

    i have no key config PLZ HELP

    when i go to options then click on the keyboard tab there rnt ne keys in the box, just a little yellow rectangle :scared: now ive read the esf to steam thread n tried Sano's tip but it didnt work :cry: can neone help me :confused:
  10. G

    What is HL cd key

    what is the HL cd key AND HOW I GET I?
  11. J

    Whats wrong with me key code?

    Ok I found out about this mod and was interested in playing it. I had half life for the longest with the original key code and orignal box. I install Half life and then i installed the patch. After that i installed ESF. I go to play and it asks for the key code. So i go to put in my key...
  12. N

    Key Changer

    Change your Half-Life and Counter-Strike cd-key easily. HL key changer is a small program which allows you to easily manage multiple Half-Life cdkeys without having to access the system registry. This is convenient when you have been banned from a certain server or want your statistics under a...
  13. M

    CD key

    Hey, a while ago I lost the case to Half-life and recently it asked me for my CD key. I managed to find "a" CD key from a site but now I can't play games on the net because it says my CD key is not valid. Is there a way to change the files around so that the CD key I'm using now works?
  14. S

    Key layout Empty

    I have just loaded up ESF for Steam and when i go to config my keyboard the options are empty, I tried using my cfg file from HL and it works, but some items are missing, such as flying, charging and other things. How do i correct this?
  15. ssjFajita

    WON cd key is being a brat

    I have finally gotten it so that I can play outside a LAN, but now WON keeps tellign me that my CD-key is invalid whenever I try to connect to a gme sever through the console. I always have to put my cd-key back in. I have even tried using some of my frinds cd-keys and that doesn't work. My...
  16. G

    HELP cd key porblem AGAIN

    ok i bought the game installed hl. installed patch 1110. installed esf activated esf. i then added a server. tryed to join . loading then it said cd key error :( thisis not a download., I BOUGHT THE GAME. please someone help me =/
  17. G

    cd key problem

    i installed everything 1.110 patch , half life. and also the new beta 1.1, it loaded . i clcked quick game and it started to connect to servers/ then it said invalid key serial. but on the original halflife it aint saying invalid key. whats the problem? :( could someone give me...
  18. S

    quake 3 cd key?

    does any one here have a quake 3 cd key? i will trade for a cs key... i never play it any more... all i have been doing is maping for quake... but i rebuilt my comp and didnt back up my quake3 files.. so i lost my key :cry: ... i will give u a working cs key... and plz dont jack me for a key...
  19. OubliezJe

    My cuz's art work

    What cha think sorry its fuzzy and looks crappy but you still can tell the detail..... (he took it with a camera) AND YES HE DIDDRAW THESE
  20. F

    All-seeing eye cd key

    Every time I try to join a server, it asks me the cd-key. I put it and then it exit of Half Life! How can I fix that? That didn't happen to me when I had the older All-seeing eye version.