1. Death The Jedi

    Funkey Lytes

    My newest peice of art... tell me what you think:
  2. J

    Loading problems

    O_o O_o I compiled my map that worked cause i got the bsp file out of it then when I put it in my esf map folder nothing happens i cannot open the bsp file any ideas?
  3. A


    I got a problem. I wanna copy trunks sword, on to another model im working on. I cant save yet but Im gonna buy milkshape today. How do i copy and paste the sword onto another model, I already group selected and removed it off trunks, but how do I copy and paste. **EDIT** Ok, I...
  4. V

    I need a online cd key for half life

    Yea this is basicly wat the name is i need one so i can play this game
  5. Lord Killmore

    Mapping Programm

    Does anyone know a good mapping programm???(I cant use Worldcraft because my Half-life cd is broken.....:cry: ) I really want to try making some maps (i only done some for Warcgraft 3 and C&C Generals) So please tell me where i can get all the stuff to do some mapping!
  6. S

    Admin Server Package / Tools

    Hey You guys, I'm looking for a Admin Server Package / Tool / Program to host my own ESF server cause playing ESF on the same computer while being server is not really what I was looking for since I sometimes wanna grab to eat and can't exit the server cause I'm being IT myself So you guys...
  7. Skinnerfool


    I got milkshape nd registerted then i watied for 2 mins it said then i clik on save then said ur milkshape has expired so i quited and qaited for 40 mins and still its says that
  8. TwisteR

    an "i need help!" key

    its not really a suggestion, more like an idea. i think that there should be a help button added. it would go something like this: if youre getting beat up and you want help, you press a key, h for example. and when you press it ,it would say something like "Majin Prince has requested help"...
  9. SSFT

    Cd key used in lan!

    This only started recently, when I host a lan game my brother cant join cause it says cd-key in use, and when he makes, I can join, but cannot create another game because cd key in use, if anyone knows how to fix this it would be appriciated.
  10. I

    nung! wtf? cd key help

    I have the origional copy of hf, and I went on to play esf on the net for the first time, I used MY cd key, and I get an error message saying "this cd key is invalid" and im like "nooooooooooo!" *sigh* who or where do I get a cd key or how to validate mine? this is annoying the poo out of me...
  11. G

    Vegeta Model

    I just finished this model, I like it but it will probably never be released by me. I tried skinning him but failed. (It looks better this way lol) Well, I still want to see him skinned so anyone who wants to skin him just pm me. (I'm not going to make a skin map.) You can then get it into esf...
  12. N

    Vegetto finished

    Hi all, sorry for taking so long, but life gets busy so it took me a while longer than i hoped to get everything ready. Well anyway, the good news, is that the model is up for download here: It includes the model in several different formats, and 2...
  13. HyperSaiyaman


    IS it possibly to make an ozaru?
  14. -Dark Shadow-

    Can someone tell me something

    is 3ds max 5 easier to use than 3ds max 3?
  15. DaKD

    BDmg ssj2 majin vegeta

    Hey all i edited azn's awesome bdmged mystic gohan and made Vegeta bdmg ssj2 (cuz i saw how many people were disappointed) but my damn milkshape is expired and i cant save. i skinned it ok but the edits cant be saved so i wanna know if anyone wants this thing so i can go to the trouble of gettin...
  16. V

    Animation Pr0gZ

    Hey what are some good animation progs out there so I can do a alittle tweakin of my own.. I looked at the sticky for milkshape and that didnt say NE thing about animation support. ~RAGE
  17. MaX

    if i buy Milkshape how long

    after i buy it do i have to pay every month or when i buy it does it stay for good?
  18. Z


    this question hasn't got to do anything with ESF but i got a new key and i wanna change it withouth reinstall the game... could some1 plz help me??? thnx
  19. Mr. Satan

    Key Disabler/Remapper!

    This Is A MUST HAVE! This program is FREE & Has Many Features. This is VERY usefull if you keep hitting the WINDOWS button accidently while playing the game, you can DISABLE it! TradeKeys 2
  20. K

    ESF Key???

    When i want to start a ESF Server there coems a message: Your ESF CD-Key is invalid! O_O Why is it so, have you maked Keys for ESF Beta1 or what??? Please answer!! :cry: :cry: