1. I

    How do I check my cd key?

    I lost my key and I don't know how to check it.
  2. K

    HELP! It says I need a valid cd key! But I already have one!

    Well. It started when I was about to change from Team Battle to Free fighting, and when I hosted I got an error message saying -"Your cd key is invalid. You need a valid Half Life cd key to play." And every time when I try to host now, I get the same message, even though I already have a cd...
  3. F

    Binding powerup and turbo key

    Sorry, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put it, if not please move it. Anywho, I was wondering if there was anyway to bind both my power up key and my turbo key to one key, with out the turbo turning off when I let go of the key. I know how to bind them to one key, but turbo turns...
  4. S

    can i use conter strike condiition zero key if i already used it for conter strike

    can i use a conter strike key if i already used the key for the game itself somone plz repley
  5. I

    i lostttttt my cd key :(((((((

    hole crap my dudes,i lost my cd key of half life and now i cant register cuz i re-install my win :( :scared: :scared: :scared:
  6. S

    cd key

    i got the game and installed the game and i used the cd key then trew away my case then now it says i need it agian to use steam. but i dont have it can i do anything ?
  7. S

    CD key

    Is their one of you has the CD key to half-life. I forgot my own.
  8. PiXel

    Kingdom Hearts: Forgotten Soul of Key ( Wallpimps)

    Yeah, My newest Wallpimps! I dont think that many of you will like them like : "they´re great", Or anyhow in this way. But lemme kno what ya thinkin about those wallpimps :] ( @ "X": I dont want to work without stocks :p its boring)
  9. G

    What key to Change Transfrom

    I don't know How to Change Goku to SSJ Goku Who Know Plz tell me
  10. B

    I need the good cd key for earth's special forces please send me

    I need the good cd key for earth's special forces please send me Send it to maby i'll give you some downloaded gba roms with emulator and you may have them all i have 300 games
  11. B

    bots & CD Key

    do i need a cd key to play esf im downloading half-life off of kazaa also i saw a cd generator will that help me the cd generator it said for windows 95 98 2000 xp and bots the custom one like at esf world so i donwload them and they alresdy have the moves and sound right so i just download them...
  12. True-Warrior15

    Need an Unused Half-Life Cd Key for Steam

    Hello everyone I'm a noob of playing ESF but not knowing about it, well the question I have is can anyone send me an unused Cd Key for steam because my girlfriends brother came over to get his games I borrowed and while he was waiting in my room he stoled my Half-Life cd, but I installed...
  13. O

    ESF on HL2? Also need CD Key and combos plz

    We hate you
  14. Silent_Bob

    CD Key

    It seems someone has managed to either guess my cd key or has just stolen it, because the one I have doesn't work and is apparently a duplicate copy. Anybody got an idea as to what I can do?
  15. J


    Hello, I installed ESF but i cant put it on Steam. I done the installation to put it open with steam but it didnt show in "Play Games". Then I went to Steam forum got some answers and they got informed that to put a game in Steam I needed its CD KEY, but I cant find any CD Key for ESF 1.2.1. It...
  16. Z

    Does anyone have a Half Life CD Key

    Does anyone have a working Half Life CD Key.. I really need one :( ..
  17. Jonesdaniel

    Halflife CD Key

    I just wondered how i would go about finding out the current cd key i'm using. I went out and brought a new halflife game a few months ago, so me and my bro could play on counter-strike together in the same server (i needed 2 cd keys) and the boxes are identical. Well, now that won is shutting...
  18. K

    Bind key

    Does anyone know the command in console for forward beause i cant change the key by going to options for some odd reason so i want to bind forward to a key. Any help will be much appreciated.
  19. Hyper Chi Aura

    Half-life key

    ok...i got steam...and i got esf....i click on esf...bring me to steam and i click "i already own this game" or sometin like that....I type in my cd-key EXACLTY like im supposed to...and when i do it says "this cd-key" is i try it again, now it says there a duplicate,...neoe kno...
  20. D

    Key's doing things their not assigned to..

    I'm positive ESF has like totally owned my steam, like.. Space .. is bound to more than one key, like.. J.. and if I try to type to people whenever I press space, it does a space and writes a k. So If i hit space repeatedly itll look like k k k k k k k k k kk kk k k kk kk k Backspace...