1. Skyrider

    Tribes: Ascend - Got a Beta Key

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I have a key left, anyone interested?
  2. Mkilbride

    Blacklight: Retribution Beta Key Giveaway [Alienware Arena] DX11, good graphics, nice gunplay. I just did the training and got to say...not bad for a free FPS. It's pretty up there; however it suffers from the thing free 2 play games...
  3. elcor

    Free sanctum key (Facebook require)

    Hey everybody, If you don't know , Sanctum's company each 50 like on them facebook page give free key for the game "Sanctum" I just spread the word , if someone have interest for that game. Good luck if you try to grab a key ! /Sorry for my ugly...
  4. Suh Dude


    So in 4 days, Vindictus will be released as a invite only (or early beta), open beta. Now there's a lot of sites that are giving out keys and if you rather play this month rather wait till October 6, then reply here. Your characters will not be deleted in this 'early open beta' for open beta. I...
  5. M

    :idea: AFK key

    Would it be possible to put in a AFK (away from keybored) key so that people can not attack a player thats away. I think this would be a great feture to the mod as to stop people getting pl from non attacking players.
  6. Darth Revan

    :idea: AFK key

    Would it be possible to put in a AFK (away from keybored) key so that people can not attack a player thats away. I think this would be a great feture to the mod as to stop people getting pl from non attacking players.
  7. D

    Downloading Half Life One With Half Life 2 CD Key?

    i bought half life 2 game of the year that came with half life : source and counter strike : source i KNOW i can't use play esf on half life source but can i download half life 1 through steam ? or do i have to go buy the original half life 1 with its cd key or do i just need to install half...
  8. Evil[Angel]

    Need Cd Key

    Yeah i need a cd key so can i have 1 plz, ONE THAT WILL WORK!..!
  9. MinioN

    Help with City of heroes trial key

    I download 14-days free trial game.I install CoH and register to then i need to active the game and i dont have activation code.WELL i download trial but where is the code to play ????;( ;( ;(
  10. majin uub

    Matrix Online Trial Key

    does anyone happen to have a matrix online trial key that they are not using anymore? if so could you plz pm it to me cause i dont feel like wasting money on a game if its not any good, thx
  11. webber

    Key settings

    What key config should i use, if i have a normal keyboard and a 3 button mouse? I'm asking this with the hope of improving my playing style. Oh and almost forgot, is there any way to make the crosshair move like in normal HL,( i mean when i move then mouse the crosshair moves first and after...
  12. A

    Key configs

    Hi was just wondering if u guys wanne share some of your key configs to help other people. to get best game play expierence I'm using w,a,s,d as movement keys q as block e as turbo c as power up r as tranform middel mouse button as teleport and lmb as primary fire and rmb as secondary...
  13. T

    cd key problem

    i have half life and i can play it but when i active the esf mod it say my cd key is invalid what to do?
  14. T

    Please help, half life cd key

    plz help i dont no half life cd key some one tell me plz!!!! :confused: :confused: :confused:
  15. N

    Swooping - Must it be a double key tap?

    I've been playing 1.2.3 for a while now (previously played a few years ago, just before it came out) and while most of it is good, one thing really gets to me. I am not good at double-tapping keys. It's fuggly, counter-intuitive and sometimes very difficult to pull off when you need it most as...
  16. C


    Man, i go to reinstall Steam, then activate a new game and it says my CD key is already used, and is a duplicate! i have the original box! any help is appreciated
  17. M

    Anyone have CD KEY for HL?

    plzz i have the install and i have the original half life 1 but i lost my CD KEY plzz if anyone have... talk to me on my : ICQ: edited out also. MSN: edited out email - orion. so plz if anyone have talk to me...
  18. LordOfThought

    Will Esf 1.2.3 work on just CS without cd key??

    i''m having great difficulties to get ESF at lan mod from steps: 1. i installed half-life counter strike to C:\Sierra\Counter-Strike ( without out other extra games ) 2. i installed esf 1.2.3 directly in C:\Sierra\Counter-Strike 3. i ran the shorcut made automatically, i successfully got in...
  19. S

    Key Is Invalid? :s!!!

    I have a problem with the key of the half-file, al to create a departure of EFZ, in the way of load leaves me that the key is I nullify. would desire to know if I have to place a key general for the half-life or enters with any??
  20. B

    U can Bind key?

    i have seen a guy who keep kicking me for like 6 time in a roll in the air when i asked him how he do it he said its a bind can any one help me on this "bind" thing thx :laff: