1. googletorrent

    Problem installing ESF

    hello :D i am new to this forum and i have bought Half-Life for the very purpose of playing this game :D OK let's get down to the problem every time i click the installer it says: would you like to Uninstall ESF first? and clearly i haven't installed ESF before.. if i click yes nothing...
  2. U

    I need Help installing esf please jeez 3rd post can someone help

    Am going to be detailed as possible so people can understand. 1.I have installed stream i have an account name and password 2.I bought half-life one off the stream page for 9.99 okay. 3.i played a multiplayer game and single player game and saved the game 4.i turned of stream and...
  3. U

    Need help installing Full 1.2.3

    Downloaded Steam=Yes I bought Half-life 1 off the steam program Downloaded game and put into folder i cant get this program to run keep saying to open it and i put it in the half life folder or steam and it wont work do i have to have a download copy of half-life 1 with a cd key for it...
  4. J-Dude

    Problem Installing Motherboard: Alignment Issue

    Building what is "essentially" a new computer, have most of the parts, just waiting on the RAM, so as anxious as I am to get cracking, I thought I'd at least put together what I could for the moment. I however have never dealt with a motherboard install before. This has nothing to do with...
  5. dbzrogue

    Installing Open Beta Final

    Before you ask, yes i have steam, and yes i finally have de legal halflife. I installed Open Beta into the steamapps/*user*/halflife folder, but how do i play it? Theres no desktop shortcut or anything.... What am i supposed to do? Am i supposed to install it through steam or something? EDIT...
  6. C

    Problems with Installing

    Hello i am having problems with installing ESF 1.2.3. I have downloaded it and now i am installing it. When it comes to the part where you have the change the destination, I choose browse and find my path and then I highlight Half-Life and the OK button at the bottom is still grey'd out, as...
  7. G

    Problems when installing the game

    Hello guys,I'm just having a problem when I try to install the game,it never happened before... I get into the installation window,to the step when u have to choose a folder,but i cannot choose any,and i can set up a destinatation manually but it dont works,it just dont activate the "install"...
  8. D

    i need help in installing esf

    my esf front page looks different its blue in color with esf written on top and when i make my own game only quarter part of the screen is used so i could see my character can someone help me out please
  9. N

    Problam with installing need help

    ok first i download ESF 1.3 and download steam and download half-life 1 then i installed all of them at last i installed esf 1.3 in half-life 1 folder then i restarted steam nothing happend any one can tell me how to do it right ?? :(
  10. JadenKorn

    Installing ESF 1.3 Open Beta dedicated server

    First of all let me inform you that it is not that hard to set it up, but it takes a bit of time, so I'm writing this tutorial to save time for all of you. :) INSTALLING ESF 1.3 OPEN BETA AS DEDICATED SERVER 1.) Download HLDS:
  11. U

    Problem installing Dark Pack

    i use steam and esf version 1.2.3 i put all the files in the right folders copy and paste them but when i am ready to start a server and it's loading it goes back to the menu PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!! I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!!!!
  12. ssj4_goku

    i need some help on installing esf ecx rc2 n big pack 8.4

    ok, im quite lost. im a little disipointed in myself because i used to no how to do all these things. ive already succesfully installed esf, but now i am confused. i installed ecx rc2 to the esf file in my hlf file. then i put the big pack 8.4 file into the esf file. is this correct? when i go...
  13. T

    about installing

    there is one thing i don't understand, some guides say that i should download steam, register blah blah, and pay for half life and download it by using steam, and the other ones tell that i should buy an original cd, and then use some "special power" key to register on steam. question is, does...
  14. H

    problems installing mod

    will this mod work with the orange box? i tried and am not able to wondering if any one else had any success? thanks
  15. M

    Installing Big Pack 8.4

    Where am I supposed to install this?
  16. F

    Help Installing

    Hey, could someone please help me? I've done everything the installing thread said (buying hl1, running it, installing esfb1.2.3) but it doesn't appear in my games list?
  17. Heretic101

    Help Installing

    Hi I Just Downloaded ESF1.2.3 and on the last page of the install i select a file for it to go into. but i am unable to click Finish is there somthing im doing wrong or is it a bug on the game. Please Help. Thank You Heretic101:D
  18. Suh Dude

    Installing Ubuntu on Bro's

    His system specs: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Atlantis AMD (NVidea) Athlon 1.24 GHz & 512MB ram His computer monitor resolution 1680X1050. Last time I installed Linux, there was no default wide screen resolutions and when I used guides to figure it out it'd always go to console as the desktop...
  19. Skyrider

    Vista as first OS + installing older OS = very bad

    I attempted to install XP as my second OS.. What did it do? Raped both windows and boot manager.. Looked on the internet that doing such thing breaks both Operation Systems.. Nice job Microsoft for doing this... -_-, anyone else had this before?
  20. W

    Installing through cs 1.6

    I only have cs 1.6 and half life source. I am aware of the fact that Half life source cant be used to install ESF, but I have read in several places that you could use cs 1.6 and successfully play ESF. I installed and chose my cs 1.6 folder and the install button poped up and installed full, but...