1. The Deco

    Guys... I hope some concious robot doesn't read this, IT IS THE ROBOCALYPSE

    http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/science/rock-paper-scissors.html ****. post your scores!
  2. Sting

    Well known problem still hope for some help

    Hi, I have a small problem with 2 models that are well known problems. I use the 2 models from ecx goten and trunks. I am edit them only a little bit. Try to add new attack. The problem lies then also here. When you going to edit one of these models the fusion animation will go crap and...
  3. -Origin

    Hope nobody minds me posting some art here, the art forum is dead as dead can be.

    Sorry in advance. ;P Decided to dust off Photoshop since a few people kept prodding me about it >_> Took me a while to throw together but didn't work out too bad in the end, I think. Keep in mind, I haven't used Photoshop like this in like.. at least a year. At least. Comments, crits, nao!
  4. Mephisto

    I hope this guy dosn't have a conscience

    I hope this guy dosn't have a conscience, Otherwise he must really hate himself :phttp://www.break.com/index/clumsy-best-man-knocks-bride-into-pool.html
  5. B

    This is for you buddy. I hope you feel better!

    Fellow ESF forum goers. Today is a sad day for all of us. Indeed it is. For I have found out that MF29 is, and has been, rather depressed. I know, I'm a doctor. All the symptoms are there. Lack of motivation, not engaging in hostile actions over meaningless topics or discussions. This thread...
  6. KYnetiK

    I really hope Americans arent this stupid.....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJuNgBkloFE Please tell me that this is a minority... As an Australian I am particularly offended by the geographical ignorance of these people...
  7. -Origin

    All Hope Is Gone

    The new Slipknot album? Anyone got it? Opinions? I quite like it myself, my favourite track is probably Wherein Lies Continue. \m/
  8. The Deco

    New advanced melee idea (Yes another, I hope its simple enough)

    New advanced melee idea (I think its simple enough | No replys??) This is gonna be pretty simple I think, the animations will take more time. Every character has the same styles which you can differ from the character stance animation (Kung Fu style. Every character has different animation...
  9. AmoN

    phew been a while... hope yall like it.

    from the anime (yea again) Blood+ . pls comment and crit.
  10. N

    Im noob, but not delusional (I hope)

    hey people, I used to play esf a while back and got bored of it :P and after a few months i decided to go play it again, so i downloaded it and stuff. After a while training on bots i got a high enough PL to go ssj, and when i had enough to ascend to the next level i couldnt O_O I was all...
  11. yopyop


    hey everybody ok please do not say anything i already KNOW that all posts about 1.3 will be closed o_o but i just try to give my suggestion (or wish) for 1.3!! : i hope that there will be some kind of fusion!! :yes:
  12. Soulicro


    It stands for whatever you think it stands.
  13. DracoHeart

    What do you hope for esf will have in the future?

    Just wanted to know how many people wanted this and that. I am sure many people hope for this few different things. *NOTE* Sorry, about those content things is. Letting go the NO MOVIE/GT content. I couldn't change it.
  14. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Bot bug, hope it's still unoticed :

    Being the noob I am, I wanted to try my meele tcniques (if they can be called tecniques :P) on bots. Yet sometimes, bots are harder to kill than human players. So I cuased them not to shoot nor move. Yet when I attack one of them... BOOM!!!! The game crashes... I don't think it's caused by the...
  15. T

    GEKITOU (hope you guys dont mind if i advertise..)

    For all you forum role players, come one come all if your into forum roleplaying and stories then Gekitou is the site for you. Its kinda in a slump in the moment due to not many people roleplaying. But im sure once the vets see more people getting in and being interested they will come back...
  16. S

    Bad guy finished.... well i hope

    well its taken me a while, and ive been doin things in between, but i think im finished with this CG, please Crit/Coment i may do sum editing..... if u wanna see a bigger version here you go: http://www.angelfire.com/punk4/davidski/bad_dude_big.jpg hope you enjoy :]
  17. G

    few new suggestion (I hope so)

    I hav'nt suggest something 4 a long time so here it goes!! 1/ I think if some1 throw buu (in meele) so he should throw him from his thing he have on his hade (i dont know how u call that ****) 2/when some1 is been throwed he can escape it by beam jump (it will be very usfull because the...
  18. Eon

    What do you hope for in Metroid Prime 2?

    Metroid Prime 2 has been announced some time ago, and I was wondering what any Metroid fans hope to be in it. I hope they find a way to put the 'dash' ability (from Super Metroid) into Prime, that'd be pretty cool in an FPS :D I hope it's not a prequel like prime, I think I recall reading...
  19. PiXel

    new goku model i hope u like it now

    now i made it the credits right here just the new move i ve u want the spirit bomb u found it in the sprites section under " new spiritbomb" here the downloads. ||here goku with black lines in the musceles http://tryforce.free-host.com/goku%20vialitatoor%20model/goku%20with%20black%20lines.zip...
  20. Luca Blight

    Hope its worth it

    I hope this extension is worth me buying the game from Sierra. Cuzz no stores in my area carry this game anymore. I'll probably play the regular version, but i'm mainly getting to play this, because i'm really into DBZ and this game looks wicked awesome. I have HL-Counter Strike but...