1. Mkilbride

    TERA hit with massive layoffs, the end is nigh?

    http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/08/08/rumor-tera-publisher-en-masse-hit-with-layoffs/ Mm. Well, I expected this. They stole a bunch of stuff from NcSoft and the legal battles over it have drained them. I mean, they stole the main code, which is why Lineage 3 has been on delay, and they...
  2. zmaster

    any direction hit

    will u be able to hit the opponent in any direction chosen like an up hit ,down hit, left/right hit:s with simple melee instead of just hitting them forward
  3. Chakra-X


    http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/94293 Assuming it's just the northern lights, maybe the cynical, misinformed alarmist can stay quite for awhile.
  4. Mkilbride

    Minesota Moma hit with 1.5 Million dollar fine for downloading MP3s

    http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/amplifier/148/minnesota-mom-hit-with-15-million-fine-for-downloading-24-songs Wow, really? Just toss her a 100$ fine + 24$ for the Songs. Estimates show she could break into a music store, steal hundreds of CD's, burn the place down, and it'd have cost her less...
  5. Deathshot

    Capcom takes major hit. Mega Man's Creator has left the building.

    Read more in Source. Source: http://kotaku.com/5676403/mega-mans-creator-quits-capcom
  6. K

    i cant hit the install button

    listeni tried in disck c and d still nothing i got enuf place i cant post picture ened 5 posts i wil ledit later btw its esfb123
  7. Kaination

    Hero pushes old people from moving truck! and gets hit by the truck!

    And gets a ****ing jay walking ticket. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090226/ap_on_fe_st/odd_good_samaritan_ticketed lol, oh my god.
  8. hleV

    No hit into "air" (invisible wall)

    I'm wondering if player which is thrown into air and has reached invisible wall (map limit) will crash into that "wall" or he will just stop (as I'd suggest)? That way ESF would become a bit more realistic, wouldn't it?
  9. hleV

    No hit into "air" (invisible wall)

    I'm wondering if player which is thrown into air and has reached invisible wall (map limit) will crash into that "wall" or he will just stop (as I'd suggest)? That way ESF would become a bit more realistic, wouldn't it?
  10. M

    Would You Hit It?

    The name of the game is, would you hit it? This is how the game works: And so on. As always, keep it appropriate and try not to get too carried away with your responses or the pictures you post. Now: Would you hit it?
  11. ~*Logan*~

    Special News Bulletin! Resident Evil movies hit rock bottom! Logan is not amused!

    http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/residentevilextinction.html;_ylt=AofcOgV4Mtm_gQr3mlME.9ZfVXcA The first movie was done really well. It captured the Resident Evil feel in movie form without trying to copy too much from the game. Lots of horror with some action thrown in. The second movie...
  12. Dokutayuu

    Hit before full respawn

    I made my own server, spawned a bot and found I could hit it (knock it away with melee or an explosion moving it slightly) before they stopped flashing with the halo.
  13. Dokutayuu

    Swoop or teleport for 2 hit melee?

    Personally I use swoop because I'm not too great at teleporting and you can hit them in another direction. However, what do YOU use? Any reasons/ comments/ explainations/ words for this?
  14. SA_Gohan

    Beam hit mechanic

    As it is now, any energy attack that hits you, explodes on contact unless you block, and I'm proposing a change to that. My idea is for beams to be given facing based properties, which alter the amount of damage they can do, and their effects on a target. Effects which range from gradually...
  15. VideoJinx

    Bouncing and a NEW HIT

    Ok this edit will clear things up.. sorry about that.. Basic melee(kick) - Right click and fly into someone to do it. Effects: the other player takes damage and is knocked back.. the player then recovers in mid air.. New basic melee hit(Bash) - Double click and hold right click and fly...
  16. J fox

    Another hit Peter Brocks last drive

    those who follow our sports in Australia http://www.theage.com.au/news/motorsport/peter-brock-killed-in-crash/2006/09/08/1157222310944.html another harsh blow
  17. C

    1 hit wonders?

    list all your favorite forgotten 1 hit wonder bands/songs... Note:they dont have to be exactly 1 hit wonders..they could have had maybe 2 or 3...but if so..plz list them.. ill start.. Smashmouth - Walking on the Sun/I Get Knocked Down
  18. N

    Has insomnia hit you?

    So, it's 4:05 AM and I'm finding myself unable to sleep again. I am a mild insomniac, and find myself in this sort've situation more often than I'd like. But, that's not the point of this thread, merely just to explain what I am getting at. So, be it due to insomnia or other reasons...
  19. T

    Struggle meter when hit

    Im thinking that if you are hit by a really strong hit, hit from the side, or hit in the back, the harder it is to recover , and will be shown in the knockback meter. Another thing you could do is, at the expense of alot of ki, unleash a ki explosion, and stop yourself right where you are.
  20. R

    Double hit Melee

    I used to play way back and Im just now getting back into it. I left right after the new melee system came out. So I was playing today and this one guy kept hitting me twice in a row. He was using the type of melee where you hold down the right mouse and you hit the person to send them flying...