1. M

    how do you model

    :( how do i make my on model :confused:
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    yo i need some help

    ok i need some guilty gear xx: the midnght carnival images. im talking about official artwork of the characters. it has to be XX artwork. im mainly looking for artwork on testiment, slayer, sol, and i-no. and plz dont move this topic because it is art related if u find nay artwork on...
  3. SSj_Gotenks95

    Spawn Model

    I found a spawn model with a mod I had downloaded and was wonderinf if someone would fix him up so he could be in esf and took piccolos place and if you could change the eyelaser to a green color I will have the model here in a few minutes I just transfered it to my macintosh to upload it to a...
  4. V

    Piccolo's tranformation

    Anyone else think that esf should have piccolos untransformed model with his cape and hat and when he does transform he looses the cape and hat? I think him jsut sittign and meditating and he jsut gains more p/l eh should have something diffrent when eh transform...
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    Alrighty, heres the most current-up-to-date..

    Lena Manipulation Photo. As you can see, I changed it quite a bit from the other...the name of the photo is to be named...so if you want to come up with a name, that'd be cool, I may consider it, and post it onto DeviantArt with that topic, credits included :) Again, thank you for the...
  6. rarthax221


    Ok I've started to do the tutorial of csgirl.....and the drawin ref is hard....and mine suck... so i wanted to know: Do you need to draw Ref pics to edit models/skins??
  7. SA_Gohan

    Mirai Trunks

    Hello all. Just something I've done recently. Future trunks for dbu (jk2 version) crits and comments are welcome average polycount is 2066 http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=25346 http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=25347
  8. V

    How do I edit a models skin.

    I was wondering, how do you edit a skin. I've been trying for a while and I can't figure it out. Is it in a folder or is it in the models file. Can someone help me? Oh and I use milkshape and 3ds Max.
  9. S

    model recolor

    how do I open a ESF model so I cant repaint it? Im not doing this to claim as my own work I just want to change some colors on the models for own usage.
  10. K


    im thinking of starting to make models !need sum suggestions, i ppreciate it
  11. D

    hi there wich programs can i use

    plz give me the home page too get the map programs i can use cuzz i vant too map i can model but that is hard and booring i can use world craft but i vant too know if there are other mapping programs such as terrain editor
  12. F

    can anyone make a map that.....

    can anyone make a map compared to hell that will have like lava tunels and a battle arena under the lave and if u break the walls lava will flow in the battle arena and it will raw as hell people will be fighting in it all the time cuz it will be raw as hell just do it (don`t ask me):idea...
  13. B

    SSJ4 Goku

    Hi here my goku edit to goku ssj4 Thy and credits to tha real goku modler from esf
  14. U

    This sucks...

    First they tell us that they would update the site on 13 february then they said to 18 february, AND NOW ITS STILL NOT ****ING UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: ;( :S :\ :(
  15. SS2 Gohan E

    SS2 Gohan with Gokus Clothes

    Can sum1 plzzz make a SS2 gohan with Gokus clothes like da 1 from Bojack movie ty :laff: I dink sum1 said they were gunna make 1
  16. H

    Any Perfect Cell Models out there?

    I know there's at least one out there somewhere.. I had one, and eventually my hard drive ended up like fried chicken. If there's a working link anyone could give me, that'd be great!
  17. S

    Yes i have got milkshape!

    Yes i got milkshape! now i can start making models. if any one wants a model making just ask me and i will do it for you(or try my hardest to make it!):devsmile:
  18. C

    2 Transformations?

    Is it possible to make a character transform twice...if I have the models for them, what should I do

    this request is interesting...but hard 2 do

    i was wanderin if some 1 who knows who Crono is.....could u make a model of him?if u can i ask that u r really good at modelin and could i make him have his sword?well if u can do it i ask u PLEASE do and post it here 2 k.well tell me if u can do it it might take some time but so did all the...
  20. Y

    I Can Do Flash Movies For Website

    I can do flash movies for the page if needed, things wich arnt too hard, I could do some c00l buttons :shocked: I could make some anymation :shocked: I could .... ok u guys tell me what to do :p I could make some things 4 u 2 try... tell me what u want