1. MaX

    Questions for Milkshapde3d (important to me)

    yeh im gonna leanr modeling and i need to know some thing if MS3D can do this stuff or not :).. 1. can it animate? 2.is it very hard? 3.how long would it take to read the tutorails and stuff? 4.and is it worth the 20$? Thx and i only want FMT (fatmanterror) and bryggs and only...
  2. Big Kyle

    Modeling Questions

    Hey, Im Gunna Start, And Just ned to know What i Mainly need to Get for Modeling Thanks
  3. Grim`

    Transparant Dragonball pics

    Can Some 1 Give me some sites With Transparant Dbz pics ? :'( want to make sig =) But need Cool GOten !!! ( transparrant )
  4. C

    Resizing existing skeleton

    Resizing existing skeleton[Update] Does anyone have the address of a good tutorial for skeletons, mainly with info on resizing an existing one. Preferably useing 3DSmax but milkshop works too. Unless any of you can explain it here for me please. EDIT - I figured out how to resize the...
  5. X

    Helpz !

    Hey ppl, I got 3ds max 4 and Im wondering where I can get some modeling tutorials. Where did u guyz start. I hear max is a good program for creating models so I want to know where I can learn to model my self some dbz LoL !!!! So ty in advance for replies :devil: :tired: ;)
  6. C

    Require decent shot of Brolli

    I am finding it fairly hard to find decent pictures of Brolli to use as a model base. If anyone has some decent full body shots or can draw some that would be great thanks. Im looking for base and normal ssj shots please.
  7. Kman3252

    Gohan In Piccolo outfit Reskin WIP

    This is my first reskin. The ears are big because i cant model so i cant edit them.Tell me what you think and what i should change. Well heres a pic. sorry had to take off pic
  8. S

    Okay, Mapping Programs?

    I hate Worldcraft. It has constantly tried to foil me at every mapping attempt I made. So screw it. Is there any, free, mapping tool out there for me? A simple one with lots of clear, detailed tutorials that don't assume you know where everything is? Please? And if anyone, so help me god...
  9. Ryoko

    Ryoko - Chilled Perception

    Latest wallpaper. Didn't spend too long on it and I kinda got stuck with what to add ~_~ Comments or critism welcome.
  10. Damaera

    How's my sig that Cold made me a RS member

    How's my sig that Cold made me?
  11. Q

    First try at 3DSM

    Well i finally got hooked up with 3dsm 5 so I figured I'd try to do something. I'v had the program for not very long so dont expect much....... comments and crits please Edit: I kept the pic really high quality because the graphics basically depends on it so for using 56k you might...
  12. S

    Lord Slug Wave

    I know this is models and things but this wav is for all those people who thought Lord Slug was actually a slug. www.i-m-d.net/cavfiles/newLordSlug.wav
  13. M

    Map Editing

    Is there any way to edit a already exsiting map or a program to edit exsiting maps if so please reply
  14. G

    some wallpaper

    nothing special tryed to make a some sort of fire wall where deatscythe is flying through need some comments sorry if its just a plain and simpel wall