1. Painkiller

    how are the maps for ESF Final made? Hammer and Modeling :)

    Hey guys I'd like to know what exactly the new maps are :) If they are models, can't you simply make the model and import it in hammer? Hehe.. :P :cry:
  2. elcor

    hammer problem when i try to run

    hello .well my first try to map ,when i try in hammer run the map for see in hl2 the program give me a error: ** Executing... ** Command: "f:\archivos de programa\steam\steamapps\***\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "f:\archivos de...
  3. Fusion

    Hammer problems

    I have right configs...but when i create a box , i can`t see the texture. I import esf.wad and some cs wads...some help plz? :\
  4. kyogi

    hammer making a sky

    I've recently started mapping and i was wondering how do i make a sky? If you could help that would be great, thanks!:)
  5. Ackart

    Valve Hammer Editor Installer

    Thought this might be a help to anyone looking to getting into mapping for Half Life, or simply looking to reinstall Hammer as the VERC is down. I simply went back, modified the included help file for 3.4 and packaged a bunch of new FGDs into an easy to use installer. The installer also...
  6. W

    Using hammer

    So you just have to set up hammer up right to make a map for esf 1.3 right? Then you can start building and everything. Just making sure because i might make one. Sorry if this kind of stupid to post though. Thank you.
  7. Viper

    ****ing Problem with Hammer

    This is a wierd one: I select a brush, i tie it to a entity, i set it's properties, then i select another brush. If i try to select the first entity after this, it's entity properties disappear. I get this problem with every brush i try to tie to a entity. H E L P
  8. ace005

    Valve hammer editor Noobish

    I just installed valve hammer editor, i configured it after djready's tutorial, although i couldn't find "hlbsp.exe" , "hlvis.exe","hlrad.exe" and in the new object window, the scroll down menus are..empty... help pls
  9. V

    How do I get Valve Hammer Editor

    I went to the website to get it but when i downloaded it I didnt have the specified files shown in picture 2 on this tutorial - http://esf-world.com/tutorials/install_hammer.html, so how can it to work?
  10. M

    Valve Hammer 3.5 Question

    Alright, I'm starting to map again for ESF (last time I mapped for ESF was for ESF Beta 1.0). I downloaded Valve Hammer 3.5 and I'm trying to figure out how to get the models to render while I'm making a map. I already looked at the collective.valve-erc site where I downloaded Valve Hammer 3.5...
  11. Theoboy

    Set up Hammer 3.4?

    Hey can someone tell me how to set up Hammer 3.4 for ESF mapping? Thanks!
  12. J

    Hammer and ZHLT

    Where can i find these 2, i can't find them on the ESF world site anywhere can someone give me a link to download them, plz :) EDIT: i found them! soz, lock or delete this topic
  13. E

    Valve Hammer Help

    Hello, I'm a newb at mapping and need some help. If anyone can tell me or has a link to a tutorial for creating a mesa, can you please post it or send it to me via e-mail (my e-mail is in my profile). Also, if you can tell me how to load a .bsp into Hammer that would be great.
  14. Graive

    valve hammer

    Hey guys i was wondaring cos im about to start mapping, does it matter with valve hammer you use? or if ya gunna make esf maps do ya need the old one?
  15. S

    Hammer 4.0/Source SDK

    When trying to configure Hammer 4.0 (with teh Source SDK) for ESF mapping, all seems to work pretty well, except it asks for a directory that 'Gameinfo.txt' is in, and it looks like only HL2 mods have that... so I'm wondering, is it actually possible to configure 4.0 for ESF? If anyone's done...
  16. RavenTrunks

    Hammer Editor

    I downloaded hammer editor, but how do i set it up at the begining to make it for esf, like is there a file i chose, in the spot for "Game"? or maybe somone can point me to a tutorial area.
  17. KilledWithStyle

    Question about the Souce SDK and Hammer Editor

    Is it possible for you to use the Hammer Editor that comes with Source SDK. I ask this because this is basically the same program, and I wsee no diffrence between the two (besides a few options). It seems to me that basically since they are the same program you could simply say to use the HL...
  18. TAz00

    Howdy - Hammer V4.0

    Yea hey, its me, TAz00 i just wanna say wow, this place has changed a bit... And then i wanna say ive been spending the last year doing hl2 work (not another esf hl2 port discussion) For all the ppl that have hl2 and wanna do a little bit of mapping experimenting, i just want to point out...
  19. Ravendust

    Hammer v4.0

    Is it possible to use Hammer v4.0 to map for ESF? I've had a play around on it and there doesn't seem to be many apparent differences except Textures is now Materials and you can view models and entities in their compiled entirity through the 3D view window, which comes in handy when doing...
  20. E

    hammer laggs after 2-3

    valve hammer seems to lag a lot after like two or ther compilations of a map... and this was just a simple hallow box nothing elese