1. gerald324

    Is The 1.3 Final Lag In NVIDIA GeForce 6150se nForce 430?

    Hi Guys I Just Wanna Know...... I Just Wondering If This Is Smooth Gameplay In My VideoCard? 63mb VideoCard ;)
  2. Mkilbride

    GeForce GTX 680: Kickin ass, and taking names.

    So the new 680 is out and reviews are in. This is incredible... Not only is it cheaper than the uses less power..and at stock runs faster than a OC'ed 7970 as well. It is about 80% as fast a 590, which is 2x580's. Such a leap! The thing is a beast! There was so many rumors...
  3. EvolutionX

    GeForce GTS450

    Hi guys... I'm planing to buy GeForce GTS450... but I don't know which one... the GeForce GTS450 1024 MB GDDR5, or GeForce GTS450 2048 MB DDR3. I've searched Google and I haven't found something about GTS450 2048 MB. All I know is that GTS450 1024 MB GDDR5 (1804 MHz Memory Clock) is faster than...
  4. M

    Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Glasses

  5. TigerGEO

    GeForce 7600GT is 7300GT :O

    Well it's like this, I have a friend who owns this mainboard: and he bought a geforce 7600GT agp8x. When I open the computer it says GF7600GT (in ms-dos) but when enterring windows and after I install the drivers it only says 7300GT...
  6. Jakut

    NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300SE, 128 MB GDDR2 VRAM-m?lu +something about 128 MB TurboCache

    What's the best game this piece of poo will run? Is it even good?
  7. Tsunami

    GeForce 8800: Here Comes the DX10 Boom all I can say is......DAAAYYUM!
  8. U

    radeon xt1950txt pro vs geforce 7900 gts

    which one is powerful?
  9. KidMan

    x1900xtx vs GeForce 7900 GTX

    So which would you recommend and why? This would be in a normal mobo, no Sli or anything like that.
  10. Devion

    PNY Verto Geforce 6800 GT

    I was basically getting sick of my old card of not being fast enough and the BF2 Geforce 4 TI fix still not being released. So I ordered a PNY Verto Geforce 6800 GT 256MB DDR3. It was about 239 euro/286.23 USD. Is this expensive? :/ Also, maybe somebody can share experince about this...
  11. S

    Geforce 4 MMX 64 bit

    Ok i have one of these and in esf I am trying to get to 100 fps, but I keep getting a max of 60 most of the time. I have vsync off, I have fps_max set to 120. Nothing changes. Also in steam whats the difference between userconfig.cfg and autoexec.cfg are they the same thing or what? Anyway...
  12. Tassadar

    GeForce 6800 Ultra

    So I was looking at Toms Hardware, and I read this pretty breathtaking article if you've been keeping your eye on the Graphics card wars. Insane PERFORMANCE boost, this is an AGP card scoring over 12k in 3dMark, getting over 60 FPS in...
  13. P

    GeForce 2 MX 400.........what?

    I have a GeForce 2 MX 400 for my PC and it's done fine for all of my games. Recently, I updated the drivers. It made ESF look a little better than it had before, but something was wrong. I no longer saw the planets energy arise into the Genki Dama when I made one, and all the special effects...
  14. P

    NV30 [Geforce FX]

    So you gonna get it, comes out in Feb, afew side company ones are comeing out before xmas thou, im gonna wait for the feb then buy one, since it looks unreal:p heres some piccys heres a very good review from Guru 3d!
  15. S

    GeForce 2

    Alright, As I said before I suck when it comes to computers... Anyways I just got Quake 3 and need a new graphics card. Would Geforce 2 be more then enough?