1. Painkiller

    Dragons based game

    Hello. I'm looking for a dragon based game. Something like The I of The Dragon, but if possible to support multiplayer. Thanks in advance! : )
  2. FalconFury

    Bleach: soul ressurection the GAME

  3. M

    Game freezes at "Establishing Network Connection"

    In ESF 1.2.3 (All i'm using additionally is UM-wFs_ModelPack_for_ESF) and when i start up the server, i can select my character and after that it freezes while the topic title message is on the screen. I end up End Task'ing it. Any ideas?
  4. M

    About playing the game!!!

    I have not official Half-life 1 and i want to play the another way to play the game without buy the game??? i really want to play Dragonball game....if it is another way please tell that to me ---------- Double Post below was added at 04:27 PM has been merged with this post created...
  5. T

    Hi, I wonder which version of the game, and where to download it

    here is the link to the image of the game
  6. Sting

    peoples choice of game

    I was wondering what people where thinking of the best games from the last 5 years. Wich game had the best action, best fantasy, best game play, best ingame story, best mmorpg. And why you think this is the best.
  7. A

    Dragon Ball: GAME PROJECT AGE 2011

    In before Dragon Ball Z fighting games are all the same. In before the franchise is being milked. In before biased negative opinions.
  8. Kaination

    SICK graphical 3ds game - First Beyond the Labrynth holyyyyy **** this thing looks good. /applaud
  9. Hawkman

    Maps with Objective Based Game Modes

    Lots of us, thinks that power struggles are cool, but not suited in a freestyle battle with lots of people in the server. So what if there were maps with Objective based Game Modes? I'm talking for a map where the good side will have to protect a spaceship for like 5 min and then escape...
  10. Y

    When is the game coming out ?!

    Is the final version ever gonna be released? !??!! I love Hansen & Mirani, no homo though
  11. Z Power

    The Game Trailers Thread

    I figured having a dedicated thread would be more effective then randomly posting in the chat box. I am keeping my eyes on that one. >_> Kratos Pales.
  12. .Maze

    Looking for a new PS3 Game... can be old too !!! :-)

    Hey there im looking for some PS3 Games. BUT... i dont have any favourite genre. I like Driving around in Games and walking around doing nothing at all. Il post my Games maybe you can tell me what games i like:-)... Burnout Paradise (played alot) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (played alot)...
  13. DarktoothDKD


    Hey everybody! For the past month whilst working on ESF, Tenken and I have been working on another project for the Android phone! And this is our very first game and we are looking for your support, comments, anything to help us make you guys more awesome games! Our first game is called, The...
  14. Mkilbride

    Underhell...scariest game I've played since Amnesia:The Dark Descent. You wouldn't know it by looking at the Moddb page, but this game is scary. Ambient effects. Puzzles, the ability to use stuff around your the phone, sleep, check also have to use the environment to hide like in Amnesia at times...
  15. S

    Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale game quality & ESF

    There arent many games dbz that look like esf! This crazy ass game comes close... ****ttt.. that blue kamehameha..
  16. CUDpwns

    Standalone game

    The way this mod is looking it really should be released as a standalone game, that way i think it would attract more players if it were available on Steam; i know i'd pay for it ;).
  17. J

    What is the best video game system to play Madden football and other sports games?

    I haven't owned a video game system since the Super Nintendo. I am interested in buying a more modern one to play Madden football and probably some other sports games. What is the best video game system to play those on?
  18. Skyrider

    looking for "scorched earth" mmorpg game

    I'm looking for the mmorpg game that is ve ry similar to scorched earth and charrid dirt. Can anyone help me with this? For those not familiar with the game. It's a game where you are a tank and you buy weapons to shoot and kill each other. Google for images.
  19. S

    about game

    what time exectlly that game realesed ??
  20. DaFeLa

    steam game buy problem!

    i know it doesn t have anything to do about esf but i hope you still can help me please! ok this is an error what i get when i try to buy counter strike There has been an internal error initializing your transaction. Please contact support for assistance. any help ? thx