1. BlueSaiyan

    I think ESF:Final is like... the best mod created for any game, ever! ....

    :yes: I can not think of a mod that has made a more amazing leap from the original game.
  2. vahn9

    2d sonic 4 game

    what do you guys think about it? I like 2d sonic so im glad to see him back even though the website says they don't have a date the expected date for release is july of this year. There is a leaked sonic 4 roaming about on the internet but its an unfinished version this game takes place after...
  3. Painkiller

    Playing Multiplayer Fighting game on 2 pcs

    Hey guys I'm sending M.A.M.E. 32 to my cousin right now. He wants us to play that game, ofc it can be played on 1 pc only. So if there's a software good enough for me to enter his PC and play the game. Something like TeamViewer, but better, ofcourse.
  4. Painkiller

    Game record program

    Hey guys, I need a good Game Record Program to record ESF Videos. But the worst is that most of them take my FPS down to 2-10 or have the most ****tin' quality in the world. Help, please! :)
  5. Grega

    New Game Mode

  6. 1

    ESF 1.1 game server

    hello, does anybody know a good gameserver service where i can get a cheap half life mod server. i want to host esf 1.1 Thank you
  7. hleV

    Team Game 2.0

    Team Game 2.1 Version 2.1 seems to work flawlessly. Description: It's an addon for Earth's Special Forces 1.2.3's Teamplay game mode. Here you are unable to choose your team yourself - it is chosen for you automatically to balance the game. Whenever you kill your opponent, opponent's team...
  8. C

    could not contact game server to retrieve server list error.

    Hi I downloaded earth speical forces today and when I try to refresh to find servers online I get the error could not contact game master to retrieve server list. I have half life 1 on my computer if it requires that I don't know much about putting mods on and stuff like that so could someone...
  9. S

    Appreciation, and a story.

    First, I want to thank every one of the people that have worked on this mod. It's incredible what they've done with the HL1 engine. Can't wait for the final game. Seriously, a big world of appreciation. I feel like I can't overstate that enough before I tell this story of a certain...
  10. MrPlow

    The best game EVAR!!!!

    Just see for yourself I still can't stop laughing
  11. L

    water pushing

    this game gets so much nice effects added and i wanted to ask if its possible to add a feature that water can get pushed away by a strong aura. in dragonball they stood sometimes in water and activated their auras and well the aura pushed away the water.they now stood on a dry ground...
  12. M

    hy!!!!!:D im new

    hy alll :P i love very very much this game :x
  13. Pain

    Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

    I don't know how many of you guys are old enough to remember this game, and if you are, if you've even played it, but someone has done a remix of the music from the game since it's the year 2010 now. Just thought I'd share. A preview of all the songs he's remixed from this game...
  14. Pain

    Some nice deals going on

    Toys R Us is having a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on. Normally they don't allow pre-orders to be used in these kinds of deals, but their website is allowing it right now. No idea if they'll fix it, but if anybody is interested in some upcoming big name titles like FFXIII or GoW3, you can use...
  15. J

    Kudos to the ESF team

    Wow I haven't viewed this site in forever but then I look at the front page. It looks like almost a totally different game. And you guys are still using Half Life and it looks like you guys updated to the Half Life 2 engine and the new melee looking GODLIKE. Wow dude theres so much I want...
  16. M

    Fallout: New Vegas Teaser

  17. V

    ESF 1.3 final version when ?

    Hello I have 2 questions 1. This mod will be the HL1 or HL2 2. Very my a like binding the mod graphics, etc. I am in shock you are geniuses, one knows when this game comes out Final 100% so years approximately ? If there was such a topic in advance apologize.
  18. M

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Announced

  19. A

    ESF 1.3 | The beta version

    hey guys, Can you please say where i can download the beta game of the esf who ist yet no finished. Pls give me a link or something ;)
  20. Growler

    Doppler effect and other FX

    When a player flies across your screen, I think a feature that would further immerse the player in the game would be the Doppler effect. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the Doppler effect is (Just listen to the first soundclip...): I...