1. elcor

    Counter Strike Online.New game?

    Counter Strike Online today i saw this video in youtube. any can tell me if this is true and if its come to steam game? what do you think guys? edit:more about it Counter-Strike Online is a remake of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero targeted at the Asian...
  2. Damaera

    Possible new TES game in 2010?! Awesome!!!!
  3. gildiaswise

    Battle Damage / A new game type

    Ok, lets get started say your characters HP has 75% of max, Shirt is torn a little. A few Scratches on Model say your characters HP has 50% of max, Shirt is completely off, unless your Goku, or some other character with under shirt. say your characters HP has 25% of max tail is cut...
  4. Damaera

    Game Fly

    Have any of you guys ever heard of Game Fly? It's like Netflix, except for video games. Anyways, assuming that some of you guys have tried this before, is it any good? I'm thinking of getting it.
  5. Optimus Prime

    LBP Delayed - In game song lyrics quote the Qur'an.

    Source. This blows, because I was really looking forward to this Tuesday, but all indications show the delay is only going to be about a week or so. In any event, the reviews have all been positive, with scores ranging from 9/10 - 10/10. I just want to make some damn levels already.
  6. The Deco

    The "Story" game

    OK so this is a pretty simple game: Ill write the first sentence of the story in this post, it will be the first line of the story. Your job is to reply with your own line to continue the story. in your reply you refer to the last reply. Example: First post: Once upon a time there was a...