1. The Deco

    Using Gallit Gun aura with models

    Like they did in the Kamehameha WRL, doing the same on Gallit Gun Aura making it more flashy, more real and, well in the highest quality possible (not in drawings xD) Yeah im talking about the aura although the wave also is good (I'm sure you guys already work on the Gallit gun beam balls, it...
  2. D

    gallit gun bug

    ok first off i cant use the most recent update so this is on the one before it, i dont have any reason to assume that this was found and fixed so here goes... 1. start off with 2 vegetas 2. vegeta #1 fire a full powered gallit gun at vegeta #2 3. vegeta #2 deflects gallit gun back at vegeta...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Gallit Gun Size...

    Since, I'm getting aggrivated with sprites, i'm proposing my suggestion, with very reasonable data. First of all, problem, ITS TOO DAMN SMALL! *actual screenshot* the beam should be similiar to the one on the right, which i brushed... Why not? come on? kameha and final flash have...
  4. ZeroNightmare

    Vegeta used Gallit gun once?

    ...I can only remember vegeta using gallit gun one time... am i wrong? it was when he fought with goku in the first saga. And I'd like to see that one move he used against one of friezas hencemen, where he put his hand like a gun (fist, pointer finger out, thumb up) then shot a laser...
  5. 009

    Make Gallit gun stronger !

    Make Gallit gun stronger ! :laff: First time vegeta was on earth he power struggelt with goku... Gallit gun vs Kamehameha vegeta said they power was 50/50 :shocked: ONLY resaon for goku won, was becuase he use kaioken ! *cheater :p * AND! its was not just kaioken! it was 3xkaioken...
  6. Avenger

    Gallit gun & Kamehameha Idea

    Well.. I got this idea.. Gallitgun is underpowered right? So I thought, why can't we make it a bit stronger than Kamehameha.. Then I realized that it might unbalance a bit. But here's the other idea.. Goku could then be able to use turbo even AFTER hes charged the beam, kinda like kaioken but...
  7. T

    Gallit gun vs. Kamehameha

    I know this may sound strange but i think that Gallit gun is more powerful than Kamehameha. Somehow ... maybe it's Gallit guns purple colour that makes it better ...
  8. L

    new gallit gun

    my new gallit gun
  9. D

    Gallit Gun Aura

    a Screen = DL =
  10. SaiyanPrideXIX

    SaiyanPrideXIX's New Gallit Gun Aura v1.0

    Well, I've been using this since Beta 1, but I guess now's the time to share it with everyone. Anyone who wants to use this, just right click, save as, and extract this to your ESF/Sprites folder. It overwrites the old one, so back it up first. Enjoy...
  11. L

    New and improved gallit gun

    Charge Attack Link
  12. L

    New gallit gun aura :laff: :laff:
  13. L

    new gallit gun

    the aura the attack and the link :laff:
  14. Wizard's Curse

    My Gallit Gun Aura Sprite

    Ive seen some ome edits of the original ... but none is pinkish enough like in the show ... soo I made one :p Download HERE! Comments plz! :D PS: Any site can host this as long as they dont modify the zip (they can only add "Hosted by:sitename") Thank you Goten for hosting ;)
  15. S

    gallit gun issues

    sorry for being a nit pic but the gallit gun power up is done completly wrong, for a start, its not like the kamehameha, both hands face forward (not opposite each other) and he kinda looks like hes about pitch a baseball, i have a pic here 4 ya:
  16. Nosferatu Alucard

    Gallit Gun bug

    Sometimes, when I shoot a Gallit Gun at somebody, and he blocks, the beam pushes him back to the end of map, and then, the enemy falls down and the Gallítgun stands in the air and dont explode. Now, the only thing i can do is open consol and type in kill. This bug really sucks.(Sorry for my...
  17. Epedemic_Optikz

    Gallit Gun Aura

    Well,Just incase nobody has noticed,I made an electric gallit gun aura.It is hosted on Vengaurds site also and if you guys want or need a pic here is one. Heres the download link also. Crtz Would be nice. :]
  18. C

    Gallit Gun Animation

    After lookin at episode 23 and the gallit gun is ESF, i finally noticed what is wrong with this animation. The feet position is wrong, he should look like he's kneeling on his right knee, and the other leg should be at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Uh, I cant seem to post a picture on my...
  19. X

    Gallit Gun crash bug.

    Hey im positive this is a crash but, I donno if its been said before but just incase. I was trying to do a powerstruggle with gallit gun vs. Spirit Bomb, I know the crash is caused by that cause it happend to me twice by accident when I was fooling around. Basically it crashes when the...
  20. X

    Vegetas Gallit Gun in 1.1

    I didn't see this on the outline, but is Vegeta's Gallit Gun going to blow up if you are on the ground?