1. mac1029

    seperate or fusion (Gotenks)

    well ive seen 2 topics and i think there should be a vote on whether he should be fused or not :laff:
  2. G

    Fusion and SSj4?

    will there be Fusion And SSj4 in 1.3?
  3. M


    sorry that multi or triple post i want know about that fusion in the game is that fusion in the game i saw picture were is vegeta adn goku up is something like that 1-Fusion :notice: Vegito
  4. JDeezNutz

    A new Fusion Idea! OMG!11!!1!..heh

    Fusion Idea! i know there is a very high chance fusion will not enter in ESF but here is my idea: when wished for the "potora earrings", 2 appear, you and your partner (Goku + Vegeta) get one each, equip the earrings, then when you both equip the earrings, you both get 10 arrows each and one...
  5. N

    more ssj and fusion in 1.3

    i hope ther are more ssj and fusion in the 1.3 beta becaus the ssj is litltle old we wanna go father and add more players like goten or something ( its not that i want that jou makers do this stuff but i hope jou will do) maby then jour game wil go famous greetzz Neotrunks
  6. V


    As we all know, fusion is a big part in dragon ball z. I was thinking about fusion, and how it would fit into ESF. I still havent 100% figured that bit out yet... but maybe you guys could come up with something? i had one idea, maybe a super l337 bot could control u for say 2 mins or something...
  7. S

    Fusion was shot down, but what if...

    I know fusion was shot down, but if they included the fusion characters, like Vegito and Gogeta, as seperate characters. I know people have made their own custom skins and models for them, but they are important characters. Maybe for EVM, but ESF should have it.
  8. K

    Attack Fusion

    ... khm .. khe khemm .. So here it is (example) Gokou fires kamehameha beam, Gohan is in the same team where he is. Player (Gohan) push "J" button to join Gokous kamehameha and together they create more bigger, beetter and more powerful beam. So do you like it ?
  9. L

    Team Fusion

    HI!! xcuse me for fault, because I m not spk good english, I was thinking, In a Team - Deathmatch u can add a fusion option! :] :] :fight: isn't it? See you!
  10. M

    Goku+Vegeta Fusion,SSJ4 vegeta Sheet!

    Goku+Vegeta Fusion sheet! + SSj4 Vegeta sheet ^_^ u can rip it if u want! but not fusion sheet :] im back (lol was banned :S ) anyways im back with a sprite sheet!! it is LOG2 style and i made wierd BG(background), so PPL cant RIP it so easley ;D anyways here it is Gimme Credits...
  11. Ultimate Trunks

    Fusion Characters?

    Are there going to be any Fusion characters like Vegetto or Gotenks? Like add a fusion ability to Goku and Vegeta in the beams icons so you can cycle to the fusion ability and use it to fuse, not with another player online but like in DragonBallZ Budokai 2 a Vegeta or Goku comes out of nowhere...
  12. The Taco Man


    This mod needs fusion. It is awesome. If not then perhaps a gogeta or gotenks character cause they are the bomb. That is all
  13. Blademaster


    how about a fusion thingy for 1.3 like you could fus with a diff player and one guy controls the movment and one guy controls the beams and stuff
  14. T

    Fusion in 1.3 ?

    I'd like to add Gotenks to ESF 1.3 If you're Trunks, you can wish "Fusion" with dragonballs and you transform into Gotenks. Goku and Vegeta should have that "Fusion" option too and when you choose that you will transform into Vegito or whatever he's called. Piccolo fuses with Kami so I...
  15. N

    esf fusion bfp = zeq2

    i was borred so i made something, verry simple but sharp. like it, don't mind if you don't :tired: All Logos created by the makers of the mods, i did not make these logos so I do not take credit for them
  16. Shaggens


    I think there should be fusion in esf 1.3, like ur m8s switch to fusion in attacks and both turn ssj (or sumthin) and then they do the dance. or u could get earings and use them like sensu beans!
  17. S


    How about when 2 people fuse together to make Vegetto, or someone.. there is a time limit, Fusion only certain period of time.. soo if two people fuse online... There should be a countdown lets...say..1 minute... for 30 seconds one person gets to use fusion, and when that person timelimit is up...
  18. A

    Fusion chars -Read b4 close plz-

    Ok this is not the suggestion that's like "add fusion!!!" This is the suggestion: I would like Fusion Charecter's. In title screen where you choose charecters. Not where you fuse just custom chars like vegetto gogeta gotenks etc.. All I want is vegetto gotenks.... That's all!
  19. T

    How many people would like FUSION to be on ESF? (poll)

    Toooooooo...................................(infinaty) Many people r talking about fusion on my other thread(have any good ideas come from the suggestions thread?). So I'm making this one to get them off that one so we have balance here! But, really I want to see how many people want to see...
  20. S

    Fusion Thoughts and Ideas

    Post your thoughts about fusing i think that the fusion should be a char choice like gotenks or veggeto and have a sequence were you see the 2 fuse and then it lasts for 30 mins just like the show then after 30 mins are up you auto world spawn and choose a char and you must wait 30 mins...