1. I

    Goten!!!!...a fusion member^_^

    http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~bidforpower/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=144426 check it out..and don't be lasy.... and here a flatshaded pic (when he wasn't finished
  2. S

    Opening Postion coding for Rebith of fusion for unreal tournament

    If you code you also get to be a beta tester how good of a deal is that
  3. S

    fusion idea

    I got this idea while playing a starwars games for dreamcast it involves 2 ppl driving a car and shooting so when esf showed up i got to thinking. Fusion would be a great thing to have in the game. This is how it would work. 2 diff ppl would be starting have to be one of the characters that...
  4. M

    Majin Buu and Fusion Episodes! Sayian Saga too

    I don't know how many of you are waiting untill next year for the release of new english episodes of DBZ, but Theft imporium! has a lot of them and is constantly updating. Good quality with full uncut versions in english. If you already knew about it, good. If you didn't, I hope your as...
  5. I

    New site....plz comment on something....

    Ok its only the homepage so far and that is far from complete,but what i wanted a comment on was my graphic thingy to get around the site,as long as it does not suck I am happy.I am a bit of a newb at all this photoshop stuff so please dont flame me much :) cheers InQuisitor lol it might...
  6. T

    Does any1 hav a...

    Vegeto model (i know thats not how u spell it but hey) thats takes over vegita or goku caus i lov mr fusion. my email is [email protected] so please send me a model of vegeto. thanx.
  7. Z


    :D who wants Fusion in ESF!!! Offcourse i WANT!!!
  8. -[gF]-Goten


  9. Goj1ta


    You Both stand be side each other and hit the ssame button at the same time you turn into gogeta or veggito.etc and one player gets to play him for 1 minute and the other gets to play him the other 1 minute
  10. Mirai USSJ

    Fusion Dance !!!!!!!! Kicks Ass

    I Read The Other Fusions One And vassago Said it Would Be His Way Or No Way.Ok.But Plz Just hear Me Out Anyway. I Dont know what would happen once they r fused but too fuse you have to do the fusion dance where like the team could make a combo to do it for example...
  11. X

    pcjoe i need some help

    hey pcjoe, i know u use 3dsmax but did u just learn how to model or did u find some good tutorials for it, if u found some tutorials could u tell me where u got them? plz tell me