1. Synth

    Will ESF ever be noob friendly again?

    The more I compare 1.2.3 to 1.3 Open Beta... the more I miss the 1.0-1.1 days. When the were more than 20/40 player servers and they were in a constant flux of players. You can't blame this on the next-gen of PC and console games, because another HL1 mod (Counter-Strike) is still going strong...
  2. VideoJinx

    A Friendly complaint to ESF

    I think it's nice that their "is" progress, but I'm noticing that all the progress is going into graphics(not that it's a bad thing either). I would really prefer if ESF as a group went into focus on "A melee system that would Define ESF". I mean, whats the point in beeffing up a game's...
  3. Herms

    Kiblobs.. Fun,friendly Fair??

    this idea just came to be as I was laying on my bed so here it goes after watching alot of kiblobs thrown by various charatures I noticed somthing when some one gets in a ki blob there ither "there half dead", "way above it" or "behind the person fireing in it" so this is what i thought...
  4. W

    Noob friendly servers

    Hey guys, im looking for a relativly noob friendly server, Im new to this mod, and i would like to find a server that does not kick players for being new, and not being verry good. Remember guys, everyone starts out as a noob :D Its hard to figure out the game and get good when 5 minutes...
  5. S

    ESF isn't noob friendly.

    After MONTHS, of tweaking and hard work, I got not only esf to work, but steam esf to work, almost all on my own. (with allot of thanks to the noob help installation guide...which was nice even if it wasn't specific) But anyway, After all the noob unfriendly tweaking, and thinking that after...
  6. D

    Good User Friendly Modeling Program?

    Can anybody please tell me a good user friendly modeling program because i want to start modeling. I dont know alot/anything about modeling so please could someone tell me a easy to use program. I would really aprreciate it . Thanks.
  7. *HurleyBoy*

    Friendly Fight Club Challenge

    i challenge first time doing this and i wanna try it :)
  8. I

    SSC Trunks

    SuperSaiyaChris is making a trunks skin... here it is so far.. he told me to post it due to the fact he was banned... he needs crtis so post em ok :cool:
  9. Goten-son

    is ESF 56K friendly?

    I searched the forums for this but didnt find an answer, any way I was thinking about getting one of my friends into ESF but he has dial up, is there anyone here on the forums that plays ESF on dial up? I want to know how good it runs on your computer, so my friend doesn't waste his time...
  10. O


  11. G


    To all animators out there: If you're not in the esf staff and want to join a mod which is also created by using the hl-engine and if you knwo how to animate hl-dbz-models PLEAZZE POST HERE. Our mod has reached the intern alpha status and all what we need is an animated model. i am the lead...
  12. Z

    the mod is lifted

    hy we have been working on the mod non stop (atleast i am we have about 8-10 poeple now news update : we have added 2 mappers dragongod is out of the mod he lost interst in the mod we are stil looking for a coder we got a realy ood modler in the team insted of dragongod i learnd how...
  13. I

    FRIENDLY Dragon? (Wish 4 friendship)

    ok, so I have somound the dragon, then I wish for friendship. nothing happens...what is this suppose 2 do? I have all so seen that there is a wish limit in the advanced options of the game. this seems 2 b related as wishing 4 friendship grants another wish. right so in other words... you have...
  14. C

    Software friendly?

    When this is finished, will it be compatible in software mode?o_o
  15. MastaKilla

    future Realism

    I was wondering but in the future(if halflife like advances or improves), can u make maps that make relistic damage of the objects of the map. for example, goku gets hit and plows into the building creating damage of the building. OR, Vegita getting hit by a beam and hits a small hill which gets...
  16. dudeman


    see: like it?
  17. S

    Digitally Inclined V.3

    Well, I'm not really sure I'm allowed to post this but it deals with artwork. This morning I finally completed my portfolio pretaining to artwork :) I really want to know what you guys think of it. You can check it out at Http:// Please give it a rating out of 10 :D Most pages...
  18. SierraSonic

    Friendly PS.

    Here an idea I saw but that I want to modifiy. When in team-play mode and you buddy is in a power struggle, you go up to him and select an attack, charge it, and "fuse your beams, adding your power to his attack. This idea would make the game involve more team work. :D
  19. O

    See your creation come to life!

    well i got a little bored so i thought "hey y not make a contest". this is a concept art contest. Prize: Winner gets their creation made into a model Rules: 1. Must be a player(no crazy 5 headed monsters) 2. Must have a picture(drawn or made in a paint program just incase ur not the...
  20. SeijiTataki

    Some Suggestions from your friendly neighborhood writer

    Well, lately, I've been watching through the DBZ series, and I've been considering some things that should be added to ESF which would make it more akin to the actual series. For the ease of reading, and possible implementation, each suggestion is broken down into how it might fit well into the...