1. CankerousJak12

    Anybody that joins my server freezes up

    Ok so my friend can join now but anytime he gets to the Team Selection Screen he freezes up, Can anyone help me? btw I'm using hamachi
  2. M

    Game freezes at "Establishing Network Connection"

    In ESF 1.2.3 (All i'm using additionally is UM-wFs_ModelPack_for_ESF) and when i start up the server, i can select my character and after that it freezes while the topic title message is on the screen. I end up End Task'ing it. Any ideas?
  3. DJ-Ready

    comp just freezes up randomly

    long story short, I put together a "new" comp with old components. The board + cpu comes from a friend and was working perfectly fine. The ram, hdd and graphics card comes from an old computer of mine which was running (no problems there) until I put together the "new" one .. I installed...
  4. ZeroNightmare

    Internet Browser Freezes on Videos

    Whenever I try to watch a video on youtube, or anything my browser locks up and freezes. After that the browser usually wont open back up again and I have to restart my computer. I use firefox, but internet explorer does the same thing. I cant remember if i downloaded or changed something...
  5. K

    Game freezes when using kamehamaeha and Gallickgun

    The game freezes when I use these moves, everything else is fine, anyone know what this could be?
  6. Jugo

    My pc freezes when watching a video

    I need help. whenever i watch a video on any player, any video. My pc freezes after a couple of minutes/seconds.. it happens all the time. How can i fix this ? if its possible..? ;/
  7. U

    game freezes before i start :(

    ive installed steam, ive installed ESF into my steam folder. then when i run EFS it comes onto the screen with vegeta and picollo with the background music and freezes there. it also does the same with my half life game on steam. ive uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times already. Any help? thanks
  8. G


    After 10 or 15 min of playing, the game freezes. What do I do?
  9. M

    Game Freezes Shortly After Start

    Hello players of ESF. I recently downloaded and installed this mod, but am having troubles playing it. Every time I join a server, I can play fine for about 20-30 seconds. Then the game freezes and I must restart my PC. Can anyone help with this problem?
  10. J

    installer freezes

    when i am installing esf my installer will just freeze when installing gamestartup.mp3 i download esf from filefront can any1 help me?
  11. Z

    Volume control freezes ESF

    I can control my volume through my keyboard, by two buttons. But if I press them while playing ESF, it freezes the game. Why, and how do I fix this?
  12. Nayr

    When installing 1.2, It freezes..

    .. on the gamestartup.mp3 file. Do I just need to wait? It says (Not Responding) on the top, and I have tried waiting for a couple minutes..
  13. The_Forgotten

    Steam Freezes At Login....o.O

    Whenever I try to login, it just freezes after I enter my password...Any advice...or help....:( Edit: Fixed Problem!!! :laff: :laff: :laff:
  14. S

    esf 1.2 kinda freezes

    When I try to go into a game, it loads... but when i get into the game and try to pick a character, it kinda freezes... and by kinda freezing, i mean i can move my mouse and see everything on the ground, but i cant choose a character and my console dont work either! I would REALLY like some help...
  15. I

    my steam freezes o_O

    My esf keeps freezing when i play on steam. This just happens at random, sometimes it freezes when im fighting and sometimes when im Afk (so not doing anything). The funny thing is that this doesnt happen on WON even though i configured WON and STEAM esf exactly the same. This started...
  16. X

    Freezes at Connecting

    I have been playing esf for about 2 months now and it has been all fine. I went away on a vacation for a week last week and got back yesterday. But now when i try to connect to a server it freezes before the part were it says server # in the consol. I have no idea why. I bet some of you are...
  17. KingVeggie

    Help! Game freezes

    I am going to play with bots and I've done it before... I goto lan the create game and create my game.... but after i hit create game and it goes to that screen that kinda looks like the console... it says 'could not get IPX socket, IPX disabled reason: wsaenotsock'...
  18. E

    computer freezes completely

    it's pissing me off, i've been playing for a couple days now but when i play for a while the screen just stops, and the sound gets stuck in a loop, i cant CTRL ALT DEL it either when i press the keyboard the pcspeaker blips me. otherwise this game ROXX HELP!!!! thanx.
  19. R

    Game freezes after 5 minutes

    733 mghz 384 mb ram Radeon 9700 Pro Im runniing this in 1024x768 in OpenGl After about 5 minutes, the game will freeze. Why does this occur, and how do I fiix it? Also, how do I turn off that dreadful music? Thank you
  20. V

    Game freezes !!

    Every time I start ESF Lan/Internet it goes into console and doesn't do anything , it just stops.