1. B

    Bigger Explosions?

    Hey everyone (: I played ESF alrdy some years and i played on a Server which somehow combined ECX and EVM. I wanted to know how i could do that myself? I made my own server with ECX and it works fine so far, but the exlosions are tiny. Is tehre some Plugin or similair which can change the...
  2. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for blocking premature beam explosions.

    This is about how you are able to explode a beam at will by using the right mouse. I'm sure that won't change, but can we atleast block most of the damage from a cheap blast like that if we were holding block when it exploded? Majority of people run for their lives when a beam gets anywhere near...
  3. S

    beam explosions

    hey all , just a thought could u mak the explosions a bit more spectacular like huge huge! =)
  4. Jarrstin

    Random Light of Explosions - ESF 1.3 Open Beta

    http://www.skinner3d.com/bugs/view.php?id=103 I've reported the issue, but I was just curious if anyone else has had the same problem. http://img452.imageshack.us/img452/5724/esferrormm5.jpg On every one of the maps I load I see a random explosion of lights that kill my fps, and make...
  5. RoshkoMasta

    serious problem concerning esf's playablility-cant play due to crashes on explosions!

    #1 thats right whenever theres an explosion esf freezes and then the last 2 seconds of sound goes through a loop lasts bout 5-4 times then esf crash explosion => as in beams hit anything, ki blobs if in a server ppl only meeleeing thats fine I wont crash but I cant controll all...
  6. Y

    Dome explosions are cooler than the current..

    Ya they are! They also resemble the ones in the acual series better also.
  7. ssj2goku


    hello im trying to make an explosion appear on a random spot but how do i make an explosion (with sprite) appear? btw it should be such a ki ball explosion, does anyone know how to make such one? example: ki ball that explode on the floor or wall => explosion
  8. Raven

    PLUGINS: Kaioken Effect, Explosions, Bounce, Jump Dust

    Plugins! 1. Kaioken Effect 2. Explosions 3. Bounce 4. Jump Dust 5. Impact Dust 6. Coming Soon ( Water Impact Splash ) - 1. Kaioken Effect This provides you with a cool Kaioken Attack Effect for the Character Goku. To use the Kaioken Effect make you you are Goku and non...
  9. Alteh

    London Underground? explosions

    http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/europe/07/07/london.tube/index.html What do you think happened?
  10. M


    ok this is what i think ... that explosions should go in 1 direction ... the one that your shooting at ... examples: goku does kamehame and shoots it at brolly ... the explosion goes the way that goku shoot it .... and goku dosen't get damage ... ( cuz in every explosion the one that shoots...
  11. H

    Attacks, Explosions.

    Wich attacks get noticable bigger explosions and splash damage when u got alot more Ki? And if they get bigger, do they keep growing like ur Ki? Or does the explosions stop growing after a certain ammount of Ki?
  12. F


    Normal spikey explosion for beams, generic beam(ball), and ki blasts Domed, spherical explosions for ball type attacks like spiritbomb, deathball... just lke it is in the show.
  13. O

    Explosions suggestions

    I have 2 suggestions: 1) Change the explosions so some of them won't be pointy. make them alitle more like cs HE nades explosion. And the smoke. What kinda smoke is that? IMO it sould look like real smoke (transparent, less pointy - cs 1.5 like). It's just more real. 2) make the explosions...
  14. |Overlord|

    capped limits on beam explosions

    i reckon there need to be capped limits on how big explosions from beams get put it this way u have a player in the server with a high pl , other people in the server just joined or are ethier same strength , people can just go up to the top or the map and charge a beam and detonate ...
  15. T

    alpha 2.0 explosions for 1.3 ...

    I suggest that the ESF Team would bring the explosions from alpha 2.0 to version 1.3. They were so nice, but crashed the game. Little fix would be nice. ESF 1.2b explosions are nothing comparing to Alpha 2.0 ones. Again. If it's possible, fix and bring those Alpha 2.0 explosions to 1.3.
  16. T

    Explosions 1.1 vs 1.2

    Which explosion do you like more ? 1.2 style or 1.1 style ? My vote goes to 1.1 style ...
  17. Shuyin

    Solution To Lame Beam Explosions (right clicking beams)

    Proceed to post five. ~Boyster Ignore This Post Problem: One big thing that makes beams lame, is having beamers that 100% of the time right click the beam and explode it in your face. Which leads to never getting to powerstruggle :/ Now i imagine that the true purpose of right...
  18. SuperDragonFist

    Blocking Explosions

    I looked for this in search and i couldnt find anything...I think you should be able to block explosions because most people will just detonate the beam before you can begin the power struggle, also it would make the ki blob less lethal when a kame, gallit ect has been fired into it.....anyway...
  19. KilledWithStyle

    # Keep the sb, when hit by melee or beam explosions?

    How does this work? I've tried to do this, but it refuses to work when I use this attack.
  20. imkongkong

    Making the Signature Beams and Explosions Much Larger

    I know the reason why it was made smaller because the team said they couldn't see their opponent when firing. I think it should be brought back to how it was before, large beams, large explosions, with an exception for the generic beam. How it would work would be once you shoot a Signature...