1. L

    Dragon Ball series Episodes

    [/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=DarkGreen] There is a web site were you can get all of the dragon ball z ct episodes for free its called "PwnedByMagus.com". chech it out its off the hook
  2. C


    I really want to know where i can get dbz full episodes that include all of the sagas...i used to go to DBOES.com but their episodes are down so does anyone know where i can find episodes (especially Great Saiyaman saga)??
  3. C

    Free Dbz episodes + download.

    Anyone know where? Cuz I freeking missed the 2 episodes after "The long awaited fight". Plzplzplzlplzplplzplzlzplzplzpzlpzlpzlzplz help me I love the show!
  4. T

    DBZ japanese episodes

    I'm desparate in need of the whole DBZ series in japanese with english subtitles. So does any1 know where to download these ( dont mention Kazaa)
  5. Ace_69

    DBGT English episodes?

    Can someone plz hook me up with some links to sites with full, english, episodes for DBGT? They dont't neccesarily have to be english but it is perfered. Thanks.
  6. S

    Trigun Episodes

    Yeah im just wondering if anyone knows a site where i can download divx Trigun eps(preferrably 512x384), i dont really like kazaa it can be pretty incosistent with those sort of downloads tnx ;D
  7. wOoOzZy

    Kai's Planet

    hey, im makin a map of the kai's planet. i cant find ne reference pics and i dont feel like d/l the episodes again. can ne1 find ne pics on the kai's planet? thnx
  8. I

    Making Dragon Ball z episodes using ESF?

    I was just wondering, since we got the models for the freeza saga why not? We can use spectator mode and use custom models like Freezas last stage and Krillan and gohan wearing that armour. I might sound like a lot of work but what do you guys think?
  9. Ness

    The Zelda Episodes

    Dus ne1 know any websites where I can download them?
  10. K

    Full Episodes

    Does anyone know of any good websites that i can download dbz episodes?
  11. D

    did the new episodes start again?

    did the kid buu saga start yet? im so used to them releasing new episodes every 6-8 months that i havent watched CN in a while. if they have, how much have a missed?(starting from when he first turned into kid buu) *edit* oh, and is there a way to make the pic in my sig a little bit smaller?
  12. F

    i got a dbz chara. i think no one heard of

    yo if anyone know who`s this charcter in dbgt well they should make a model about him if yal don`t know post it on here and i`ll see if i can get a picso someone can make him and put em under frieza if not make koola i know everyone should know who he is ok
  13. D

    Can someone make these sounds?

    It would be great if someone that knows wat they r doin if they could make new sounds for things like explosion sounds and punch and kick sounds and scouter sounds. Even sounds like for when ur charging, and turbo sounds. Thanx that would be great!
  14. Z

    I'd like to know where to get DBZ episodes

    Anyone know a site where to get DBZ episodes all in order? (The ones i can download-- MUST BE IN ENGLISH) If anyone knows any links please post them
  15. C

    Where to download dragonball episodes

    where can i download full dragonball z/gt episodes Dont say stuff like a p2p program cuz i tryed and most are either crap quality or have no subs for me to read

    Does Any Of You Ppl Know Where To Get Dbz Episodes Online That Are In English

    I think the title speaks for itsself........i really want some =)

    Download DBZ episodes

    Does anyone know where i can download full episodes of DBZ/GT in english with out any of that voting stuff?
  18. B

    gohan ssj2 WIP

    i know i should be working on piccolo but i wanted to give this a try first, only the face is done and 70% of the hair i think it looks better then the model of gohan we have now (btw post pics of gohan here when hes normal cuz i have no f**king id how he looks ( not that big dbz episode...
  19. D@nte

    lenght of episodes

    am i the only one or do you guys also think that the dbz series go to slow. The fight with frieza lasted for like three weeks
  20. A

    New DBZ episodes

    I have hurd the word wandering about that next week toonami will be playing new episodes of DBZ. Am I just crazy or is this true? And if it is, ESF's sound gum might beable to grab some new sounds! that would be cool. Why am I getting one of thouse ery "going to get flamed" feelings?o_o