1. Deathshot

    Beavis and Butt-head to return with new episodes

    It seems that it will be returning to TV with brand new episodes. http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/they_re_back_PZVN8lcKHQYVIYx3xAJRtM
  2. sub

    New Futurama Episodes coming June 24th. Why is this not a national holiday?

    June 24th could very well be the happiest day of my life.
  3. SuBMix

    Dragon Ball Z episodes

    were i can download me the Dragon Ball Z episodes dub on German ???? if anybody know PM me or contact me MSN - [email protected] Skype - brasnarq1 THANKS!
  4. G

    I know a site with all of the DB, DBz, and DBZ GT episodes!

    But im wondering if i should tell you guys its my precious treasure :tired:
  5. veqeta

    Name a few dbz episodes please :P

    Could someone tell the episode names of the following please? -Goku going ssj on namek -Vegeta going ssj against androids -Gohan turning ssj in time chamber -Gohan turning ssj2 at cell games -Gohan turning ssj2 at world tournament -Goten going ssj -Vegeta going majin -Goku turning ssj3...
  6. veqeta

    Someone tell me the episodes :O

    Can someone make a list of some of the episodes the eternal dragon made an appearence in i don't mind if it's db/z/gt i just want to make an Amv about the dragon, i think it's a character not done much in dbz, but he's one of the main chars :O so anyway that'd be great if someone could point...
  7. Barney's_Soul

    Will there ever be more Inuyasha episodes?

    Just finished watching the final episode a few days ago....and am sad that it's all over....the ending was too inconclusive for me...I would love to see a rebirth of the Inuyasha animane based off the manga...
  8. M

    FUNimation - Remastered Dragon Ball Z Episodes

    Source: http://www.myfavoritegames.com
  9. N

    DBZ Episodes

    does anybody know a website that has the android saga to the last saga that i can download for free i can download bittorrent
  10. N

    DBZ Episodes

    i was just wondering if any of yall knew a website that had all the DBZ episodes from episode 110 to the end of the majin buu saga or if it just has some of them im having a very hard time finding them all
  11. Suh Dude

    SiN Episodes

    I've been looking at the screenshots, and reading alot of stuff about SiN Episodes, and I say the levels, characters, gui, etc, still looks like another Half-Life 2, but upgraded to more a futuristic feel. The reason why i'm not going to buy this game is, well, it's just another first person...
  12. O

    How Do I Strip Sounds From Episodes?? (Plz Answer)

    i have dbz on my computer and there is some real good transformation and charge up sounds but i dont know how to get them from the episodes. What program do i need to get the sounds from the episodes! Thanks in advance!
  13. mr Max

    Episodes downloads

    Anyone know a good site where you can download DBZ episodes for free? DB or DBZ, not DBGT, plz try and answer with a direct link Thanx alot guys :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. D

    Its legal to download Cartoon episodes right?

    My friend and I have a dissagreement.Is it legal or not to download cartoon episodes.Such as Dragonball z.Anyone who knows for sure please let me know so we may end this dispute.
  15. True-Warrior15

    Dbz Episodes

    I really need this favor tonight, I wanna know where can i download dbz eps without having limited bandwith i already googled it and search like hell but i was wondering if one of yall knew. :] I asked for this because i just want them and i like editing sounds.
  16. Brim

    New Southpark Episodes!

    Yeah, I know it is a little late for this seeing as how the first episode aired last week, but I figured it needed to be brought up... New Episodes of Southpark are on!!!1uno Southpark is absolutely by far my favorite show on television. I think that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are...
  17. Vagabond

    name your top 3 cowboy bebop episodes

    yesterday i was watching my imported box set of Cowboy beop (region 4) and i was just wondering what is everyones top 3 fav eps mine are 1)Ballad of fallen angels 2)Cowboy funk 3)The Real Folk Blues part 2
  18. S

    Japanese DBGT Episodes

    Can Someone tell me where can i Download Full Japanese DBGT Episodes O_o
  19. P

    DBZ ESF Episodes

    Well Hello Ive Just Now Noticed That ESF Movies Hasnt Been Up Lately . Well Guys Ive Come Up With An Idea . Well Anyways Ive Been Thinking ABout A Group Who Will Make Episodes From The Saiyan Saga All The Way To The End Of The Buu Saga . It Is Nice To hear That There Are Some People Are...
  20. -=Real_Dog=-

    -=Dragonball GT episodes=-

    Sup, sorry this has probably been asked alot, but i tried to search the forums for this question, but what is the last dragonball GT episode? i have 63 as the last, is there any more epsodes in the GT series after this one??