1. Ravendust

    Ringout Entity

    This ones for mappers, and would require adding to the esf fgd Basically what i'm after is a brush based entity that keeps a model 'down' for a few seconds (when they're knocked to the floor, instead of getting up they stay down for three seconds) and then makes it dissapear, giving a frag to...
  2. N

    ENTITY sugestion

    i like to have an pl boost entity in it and i like to see the stars bug fixed. to explane the pl boost entity: you can chose how mutch pl you get or(when you put a - befor the number) you get less pl. you can do the entity by creating an solit opject and put it in "tie to entity". o, and it...
  3. Kurachi

    about entity to fill life to 100

    i have a fgd with the function : func_healthcharge but when i put that fgd in hammer i don't see it.... maybe somebody knows the problem or can send me that entity?.... thnx oh.. i heard that if i put a trigger_hurt -10 thnx cold steel :yes:
  4. E

    Help with Enviromental Light Entity

    Well, I have a problem with my enviromental light entity. In my map I have a brush with the texture '+0~GENERIC65' and an environmental light entity above the brush. But when I'm testing my map I don't see my the brush I created, all I see is a big bright white solid and everything else is...
  5. D

    If you could be a evil entity...

    If you could be a evil entity what would you like to be?
  6. Yazuken

    Adding sensu beans

    How do you add sensu beans to ur esf maps?
  7. Yazuken

    I am missing some Entitys

    For some reason, i am missing some entitys in the entity selector. for example. i dont have Func_water and Trigger_hurt. does anyone know why this is?
  8. S

    Entity Respawn after break

    ok, I want to make an entity with func_breakable where when you touch it it breaks and then it comes back in 2 seconds. I tried spawn on break but in the drop down menu it only says nothing. Thanks in advanced.
  9. S

    Teleport Triggers

    Ok I want to make a Trigger on my map where when you shoot an object the player gets teleported to a secret place.:D Any ideas on how this can be done:confused: Thanks in advance.
  10. Cold Steel

    Transparent objects.

    I need to make an object transparent, would anybody know how, i need it for an ice effect, for my new map. tgw_ice
  11. Yazuken

    How do you make water?

    Hi, i dont know how to make water, can someone tell me how to?
  12. M

    another map and questions

    sup peeps, i just want to know how to make something rotate, like a fan and also make something being able to move looking like the wind is blowing. off topic (i think): the map i was working on, tournament, im not going to be able to finish that for a while. ive completely redone it but...
  13. S

    an error i never had before, please help!

    OK, i just made a map that im testing a few new prefabs i made. And when i start the map with my star wars a-wing prefab or model i made, i get this error, "mod_numforname: 1 not found".. I never got this error before, and i was wondering if anyone knew what it meant, and how to fix it.. Thanx...
  14. Eider

    DMZ maps

    Oh yeah, Is it possible to play all DMZ maps with esf??? just a lil' question, hope i dont get flamed for it
  15. M

    my map

    sup peeps, i just made a tournament ring themed map and i want to see what you peeps think so far. the map isnt l337 but this is my first map ive made. its also still in developement. im going to add a skybox and make it bigger. also i would appreciate any suggestions and ideas for my map...
  16. S


    OK, i am really getting anoyyed at mapping for esf. Never before have i gotton so many god damn errors! Up untill now, Firearms mod has had my title of "Most pain in the ass mod to map for", but now, its ESF. Problem number one, I cant get my hlbsp and hlvis tools to create the .bsp and...
  17. M


    how do you make doors in valve hammer? =/\/\C
  18. TAz00

    Want moving Shadows?

    Ever wanted a moving shadow? Maybe from some cirkeling planets? Any expirienced mapper could tell u that its not posible, cuz the HL engine only renders 1 shadow per object, take for example a door, it stands between a bright and a dark room. If u saw it from the darkside, light would be coming...
  19. Darkside

    Raising Map FPS

    I made my first map, and my fps is real low, like 5-15 is there a way to get it up higher?? i dont have any water, fog, or any special effects like that
  20. Warrior_Elite45

    Trees on maps??

    There's a question that has always bothered me. How do you get things like trees on your map? Do you have to use the env_model thing? I really wanna add some trees and stuff to my maps but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help me out here please?
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