1. gokuss2

    Help Like They Create Special Effects

    HI wanted to know the special effects do to themselves for the models example kamehameha, big bang atack, masenko etc it helps with that he programmes and everything
  2. M

    Sound Effects

    Anyone know of a good, legit sound effects website that doesn't require you to buy a CD? I hope this doesn't fall into the category of warez.
  3. I

    NEed good special effects prog

    Hey < i am trying to make a movie And I am possitive that it will need a bunch of special effects so if anyone knows any free easy to use special effects program, or computer generated special effects program please let me know, by either posting it on my thread or by sending moi an email at...
  4. M

    more effects

    seriously you guys need to add more smoke effects like when u power up a huge blast and thye block it and it explodes make a huge smoke cloud appear then you would wonder if you hit em or not and stuff it'd add more of a dbz feel to it and if possible how about a option for no self damage from...
  5. |Overlord|

    Beam After Effects

    other then kills , i wouldn't mind seeing each beam to have an indvidual effect on the player that get's hit if he or she survives i have fought of a few Galit Gun , could paralize The Opponent for 5 - 9 seconds Khh , Maybe just reduced damage in melee maybe Power Beam/Mansako ...
  6. Sicron

    Awesome effects, something you must try

    I suggest you only try this if you have a good video card, bad video cards can be used as well, but better ones also look better, you should really try this demo that simulates realistic effects, when i first saw this i was like "wooo...****..." http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa/rthdribl/...
  7. Robby

    Dust effects? and new flying idea

    (Rule to this suggestion: IT WILL WORK FOR HL) This suggestion is about effects when your about too fly or releasing a huge attack (KHH, FF, BB, [definetly] and some other attacks) In the show some attacks would start releasing dust, like in a stance on the ground, (its really hard too...
  8. Dalte89

    MechMod effects

    While I was playing MechMod one day, I started wondering :rolleyes: , since most of the MM team is the ESF team, will you guys (team members) input some of the effects, like the water and glowing effect. Also, will we see a return of the swoop dust trails in 1.3? Without it, ESF loses some of...
  9. C VON

    sound effects

    hey i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find some dbz sound effects for a movie im gona try to make? thanks in advance
  10. O

    A New way of Rage (Effects)

    I know Rage has been suggested alot. But I think I have a good idea of implenting any forms of rage. Rage would have some advantages but actually more Disadvantages. Things that Rage could cause: Advantage: [1] more power[adreline], use of less ki [adreline] [2]...
  11. G

    power level effects movment

    when some one has a higher power level than some 1 else than he sees him move slower then normal and he sees his ki attacks slower too, and the same thing for some 1 else stromger than him. example: 1 has 600,000 pl 2 has 1,000,000 pl 3 has 2,000,000 pl 1 sees 2 move faster than him and...
  12. Soulicro

    Adobe After Effects

    I have just gotten the program, version 6.0 pro. So I start it up hyped to try some new stuff, but im just kinda stuck... I started it up saying "hey ill explore" but this is just kinda confusing... any one here knows how to use the program and mind sharing some information? or anyone know a...
  13. U

    Glow effects

    i'm not quite sure wheter this is the right forum but anyway: i was curious about the lighting and glow effects in esf untill now i think they need much more brightness/darkness effects for example if you charge a spirit bomb the area should get darker and the spiritbomb should glow really...
  14. DracoHeart

    Electricity Overwhelming Special Effects

    Ok there is 3 suggestion about special effect here I made up. It will be really cool if they add this into the next version because it looks nice. 1st) When you trans, usually there is the yellow turbo aura around you, and when you open your legs wide crunching fist shouting in pain. During...
  15. TwisteR

    Alpha death effects

    In ESF Alpha 2.0, when you died your body slowly faded away. In 1.1 and I presume in 1.2, when you die, your body just lies there. I think it would be cool to revive the Alpha fade away effect when you die.
  16. D

    Perfect Transformation Effects

    Can there be a sound and graphic effect for the perfect transformations (etc Goku at 5 mil)? All that happens now is they just transform..... kinda dull
  17. I

    sound and special effects

    well sounds and special lights, and effects makes a big part of the game i know hl engin is crap and its hard to make good looking effects ( esf is one good mod. looking good) http://users.pandora.be/scarpa/gogeta%20vs%20janemba%20(movie%2012)%20(1).mpeg this is just a sampel about how...
  18. Dalte89

    New Effects Video

    Sorry to bother the ESF team but, I was just wondering o_o :scared: : since you guys were talking about all these new effects in esf 1.2 can you guys please show a little video showing some of the effects ingame. PLEEEEEEEESEEE!! :( :(
  19. S

    Desert sun, magic effects, crits please....

    well im experimenting with styles for the magic effects for my new comic, just wonder what u think of them, here u go: this is the same but ive changed sumthing, take a look:
  20. Enix

    gohan effects

    i did a little edit on a plain gohan pic here is the before and after: <p>BEFORE: <p>AFTER: