1. M

    My new sound effects pack!

    I have it in Lycos - but they dont allow Direct DL but I found a way to trick Lycos! <big><b><u>E<i>DI</i>T</u>:</big>Updated - Alpha 1.5 anyway, here it is: http://members.lycos.co.uk/Miki801/ESFSTUFF/ESF_Sound_Effects_Addition_1.5A.rar.txt EDIT - its dead, new updates...
  2. S

    i cant see effects when going super saiyen

    i dont know why. i have all my settings at high and best. when i do a spirit bomb i dont see the sparks in the air and when i or someone els goes ss i dont see any effects at all. im useing windows xp geoforce 2 mx400 384 megs of ram 800mhz amd.
  3. RaNger

    Advanced Explosion effects (simple)

    Ok, this is just something I have thought about since I first saw ESF. The current ESF explosions, as far as I know, use HLs sprite system very similar to the blast wave effect (when Apaches crash, or from Houndeyes). The explosion, to me, doesn’t look very… explosion like, much less, like...
  4. C

    No effects with Transformation

    If you transform with a character you should see some effects. Like with Goku lightning and stuff. I don't see that. Does anyone know what the problem is????? please help me
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    Standout Presents

    ok now i have made fun of many styles in the past and its time to make fun of myself. so Standout presents a minimal effort tutorial tools needed photoshop 3dsmax 1. open up photoshop and set the res to 1074x768 2. fill the area with a dark blue to semi dark blue sunburst gradient 3...
  6. X

    Seeking Truth

    Wopz! I think im on a spree!!!! This one is for a GFX Battle on PFX Forum. Name: Seeking Truth Program: Adobe Photoshop Picture: Girl from INeT Time: 2½ hour Experience: 2 years The round circle thing isent really good i know ;) Critz are welcome :D
  7. Demi-Shadow

    Piece Name: Glacial

    Ok, what do you guys think? Medium: Paintshop Pro 7, Bryce 5
  8. S

    First time

    This is the first time ever i used a photo editing prog :) its not drawn or anything. and yes my nick in tfc & cs is *AKA*Lemming i didnt steal it :)
  9. S

    is there any ssj2 gohans for 1.1

    whats going on with that damn new gohan ssj2. post it here
  10. I

    Lightning effects for MDL's

    Since ive gained more control over my textures for MDL's and have been doing it for a while im now working on adding extra effects to models for ESF, i have no problem adding extra pieces such as animating/bone structure for the SsJ3 which look cool in my oppinion :rolleyes: im making an...
  11. |Da|K|

    feel the light(clockwork remake)

    i tryed to make a remake of clock work watcha think?
  12. Z

    new pics..

    heres some new stuff i made while i was away, crits please
  13. I

    Need help with my sprite...

    Magmabomb (Spirit Bomb edit) I'm making a Spirite Bomb sprite and i need to know how to change the spirit particles and how to make the sprite illuminate. If i need make a screen of it i will later.
  14. S

    another wallpaper

    give me some crits and please dont talk about the faces too much
  15. stiffdog

    enviroment effects.

    how about this when you blow something up or transforn (or could be just for transforming, the ground starts cracking and lifts up rising until u are through. Then when you are through transforming it falls back into place or reappears.
  16. Marauder


  17. ultrassj_vegeta

    new 3d wallpaper stuf

  18. Marauder

    Stream of tears

    something i wipped up :D
  19. Q

    Insanity Syndrome

    This is my second Bryce work. I think it looks sick as hell but I'm looking for some comments. I know its a little trenwhorish because of the bubbles but its still loks good in my opinion Version 1 Version 2 Which one is better
  20. Wangster

    third wp (also non 3d)

    this one is none 3D also, but, this one is not so good as the other one, its the same idea, only a different scene, this one is that small Gohan San made a blast of anger, the BG is the energy floating from the blast, yes, i know the gohan isnt that good quality...