1. Skyrider

    Pixlr added on the forums - Online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images

    Pixlr is a free online photo editor. I've recently added this on the forums for you guys to use. Edit, adjust and filter your images easily. For now, it can be found under "Quick Links" under the "Forum Features" tab. You can use it by using the following link...
  2. Skyrider

    Graphic Editor Online for vBulletin - Anyone interested?

    Maybe a few here might be interested in this seeing some of you guys are doing artwork. Here's a few images of it: If no one is interested, I'll just scrap it. I'm not sure if it works, seeing I noticed a few people having issues with it. But if anyone is interested, I'll try it. Main...
  3. Dylanhutch


    I suggest a editor for ESF final, that is if you can do this. That's all really. By the way, how can you terminate my internet connection?
  4. Nemix

    I'm a Model Editor and I suck. :)

    Who wants a fresh model? :P It's around 8000 Poly
  5. Chakra-X

    Final Fantasy:Dissidia Replay Editor

    Final Fantasy Dissidia is already an awesome game for the PSP by itself. I almost wish future normal FF titles would play more like it. Wonderful graphics, great fighting system, and tons of replayability. BUT, after a fight is done, you can save it and view it later from more interesting...
  6. S

    error message when opened super bot editor

    i recieve an error report i.e (component'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered:a file is missing or invalid. please help me out.o_o
  7. Damaera

    FX Editor Continued, Status Update

    FX Editor Continued, Status Update <strong>XML FX Editor Continued</strong></div><div>So, you remember the FX Editor that I mentioned last week, right? How you can add particle effects, sounds, animations, and create your own dream transformation? Not only are you able to add all of those nifty...
  8. Damaera

    XML FX Editor

    Again, sorry about the delay guys. I hope you all enjoy!
  9. Ackart

    Valve Hammer Editor Installer

    Thought this might be a help to anyone looking to getting into mapping for Half Life, or simply looking to reinstall Hammer as the VERC is down. I simply went back, modified the included help file for 3.4 and packaged a bunch of new FGDs into an easy to use installer. The installer also...
  10. Fusion Ha

    Terrain Editor with Direct X export?

    Heya Im looking for a terrain editor with the possibility to export to direct x. I know there are a few but im looking for free ones :P Thanks in advance :)
  11. Nuttzy

    forza 2, editor goodness

    i wont lie, i picked this game up for the editor only. as a racer (so far) its boring as hell, i know the emphasis is on realism, but damit all to hell the first one was more exciting than this one somehow, but what do i know. ive spent more time in the editor than actually racing XD...
  12. dan_esf_fanatic

    Clip-creating Video Editor.

    Is there ANY clip-creating video editor except for Windows Movie Maker? By clip-creating I mean that it generates clips out of an imported video file, just like Movie Maker, so I don't have to split it.
  13. Spunky

    Spunky's ESF CVAR Editor!

    Please keep bugs/suggestions in this thread. Keep in mind that this program was designed to aid the Open Beta process, and should not simply be used to gain an advantage over other players in your own server. Download (v1.0.0.0): http://www.oobies.org/misc/sece.zip (Thanks to Phobius &...
  14. dan_esf_fanatic

    Editor mode.

    Is there a way that whenever I make a new post the default mode is automatically editor mode? Because I need it most of the time and I'm too lazy to change it every time ;). So is it possible?
  15. ace005

    Valve hammer editor Noobish

    I just installed valve hammer editor, i configured it after djready's tutorial, although i couldn't find "hlbsp.exe" , "hlvis.exe","hlrad.exe" and in the new object window, the scroll down menus are..empty... help pls
  16. V

    How do I get Valve Hammer Editor

    I went to the website to get it but when i downloaded it I didnt have the specified files shown in picture 2 on this tutorial - http://esf-world.com/tutorials/install_hammer.html, so how can it to work?
  17. B

    Problem with valve editor!

    This happens when i try to complile a map, my esf is set up for steam. ** Executing... ** Command: Change Directory ** Parameters: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Blankuser\half-life ** Executing... ** Command: Copy File ** Parameters: "C:\Program...
  18. RavenTrunks

    Hammer Editor

    I downloaded hammer editor, but how do i set it up at the begining to make it for esf, like is there a file i chose, in the spot for "Game"? or maybe somone can point me to a tutorial area.
  19. KilledWithStyle

    Question about the Souce SDK and Hammer Editor

    Is it possible for you to use the Hammer Editor that comes with Source SDK. I ask this because this is basically the same program, and I wsee no diffrence between the two (besides a few options). It seems to me that basically since they are the same program you could simply say to use the HL...
  20. owa

    StarCraft Map Editor

    Anyone know where I can download a third party map editor for SC/Broodwar. I used to have something called StarCrap, but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. I was going to put this in Video Games, but it isn't really important enough, this is just "Do you know where I can get...