1. Z

    Dragonball Moba (Dota Reborn)

    I guess many of you have heard or already tried out custom games in Dota Reborn. With the latest update, most popular custom games received support from valve and now they have their own dedicated servers. The hype is real and many former map makers from warcraft3 started transfering their...
  2. Ravenman02334

    2 Dragonball Z Titles coming PS4

    So I was searching around on IGN, and I happened to come across a list of 3rd party developers that were also making games for it. I noticed not one, but TWO new Dragonball Z games in the works. I shit my pants. One's called, "Super Dragonball Z" and another's called, "Dragonball Z Budokai...
  3. L

    DRagonball gangnam style

  4. L

    Dragonball : Absalon

    So the first episode is out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll_XPenKkqA Personally, I don't think its going to be anywhere near Z but more DB is good .
  5. ESForever

    DragonBall Maya 3D Animation

  6. ESForever

    In Memory of Dragonball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny

    Dragon Ball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny http://www.moddb.com/groups/dragonball-games-and-mods
  7. Argilus

    fan made dragonball related videos

    I thought this to be one of the better ones out there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC6RVQBFx5s
  8. chad1123

    Dragonball AF mod

    I started hosting my own dedicated server, I have it up to date with RC2 and Big Pack, but I need to add something that I think is called the Dragonball AF Mod. It should allow (just giving a few examples) characters like goku and vegeta to ascend past ssj4 ssj5 and ssj6. Does anyone know where...
  9. Jarrstin

    DragonBall Z Online Card Game

    http://dragonballzocg.com Hey guys, some of you might be familiar with the old Score DBZ CCG. At any rate, a group of fans got together, including one of the devs of the old game, and remade the game in an online format. It's completely free as its fan created. The game rocks, imo, and I'm...
  10. Chakra-X

    Dragonball Z Animation Exercise

    http://vimeo.com/33747636 We were given a pre rigged dummy model and had to animate to an animation based off our choice of sound clip. I chose Dragonball Z :D
  11. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Does anyone else hate Ultimate Tenkaichi?

    I think they have ruined the tenkaichi series with this one. WOOHOO we finally got GT characters for the new gen of consoles, but whats this????? they changed the gameplay to something we dont want? oh thanks bandai namco your a true game developer arent you? you finally do what people ask then...
  12. Chakra-X

    More Dragonball Z: Zenkai Battle Royale

    I've have been siting on my ass watching these videos instead of doing work but damn I wish I could play this. This looks more fun than all the US DBZ games we have got for PS3/360. Honestly the closest cousin to this is ESF actually. The space is is wider, almost everything is real time so no...
  13. Z Power

    [Guide] How to play the Dragonball Online MMO!

    After seeing a few people asking for it, I have decided to make a simple guide about it. Initially DBO was only available for Korea, and to play it, you needed a legit KSSN (Korean Social Security Number), thus restricting most outsiders from playing. Today however, Taiwanese DBO open beta...
  14. FalconFury

    Dragonball raging blast is too much addicted

    :D Man I haven't played that game for months, and I have to wait until school is over. Going to my cousins house and play dbz raging blast 2 for 3 days. Starting to get me addicted but really I am not the fan of dbz, I am the fan of something else.
  15. omnomnom

    DragonBall GT

    THE ENDING WAS SOOOOOOO ANNOYING AND TERRIBLE AND BAD I WANNA RIP MAH HAIR OUT BREH.. im not even done with Z yet.. im on season 8 tho D: i odnt want it to end
  16. V

    DragonBall: Zenkai Battle Royale

    badass or what! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC4Lc4VXCoI
  17. N

    New Dragonball Z Games Coming Soon

    Too Bad they re one is in Japanse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC4Lc4VXCoI&feature=player_embedded It looks really good. DragonBall Kai: Ultimate Butôden Coming to Nintendo DS source http://www.dblegends.com/
  18. Chakra-X

    [PSP] Dragonball Z Tenkaichi: Tag Team

    The demo is out on PSN and I got a hold of the Japanese version...It's actually quite fun. The whole game feels looser, speedier, larger. More free for all since you can change targets. Sometimes looks like ESF when you see your partner and an enemy dashing in the background with Death Balls...
  19. DaFeLa

    dragonball tactics

    hello me and my team need help on our project dragonball tactics we are searching a code,modeller,animater,artist,or maper if someone wanna parciping here is my msn adde: xxx add me if you ahve one of those skills here is our website : xxxx/ our forum : xxx we created this game for a...
  20. L

    water pushing

    this game gets so much nice effects added and i wanted to ask if its possible to add a feature that water can get pushed away by a strong aura. in dragonball they stood sometimes in water and activated their auras and well the aura pushed away the water.they now stood on a dry ground...