1. M

    Dragon ball KAI

    hello ! Know you dragon ball kai? It is the serial meme but put back(handed) has nine ^^ Here is the official french site : http://db-z.com/dragon-ball-z-kai-gt
  2. fangwill

    Best Dragon Ball before the Playstation 2

    I to not know if many abused Have the NES, SNES and Genesis, But after 1996 I met the best anime series of my life. Well the first game I played DBZ did not even know it was DBZ, and I found a boring game, I thought how boring a game that could be created? 2 years pass, the anime begins in...
  3. Spunky

    Dragon Age 2

    I'm surprised there's no thread. I'm pretty far into it and having great fun. I don't understand the hate. Not much has changed aside from the playable races thing.
  4. S

    Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale game quality & ESF

    There arent many games dbz that look like esf! This crazy ass game comes close... http://www.the-magicbox.com/1102/game110219e.shtml ****ttt.. that blue kamehameha..
  5. MrPlow

    Dragon Ball SD

    Here it is. "New" Official Dragon Ball manga titled Dragon Ball SD(presumably SD stands for Super Deformed) by Naho Ooishi with supervision by Akira Toriyama. It's a spin off series made for a new Shueisha magazine Saikyô Jump(Which i assume translates to Strongest Jump , my knowledge of...
  6. Jarek Bachanek

    Dragon Ball Online Oficial Story thread.

    Recently DBO Strategy Guide book been released in Korea: http://book.interpark.com/product/BookDisplay.do?_method=Detail&sc.shopNo=0000400000&dispNo=&sc.prdNo=206410436 This guide consist 7 parts: Chapter 1 Chronicle Chapter 2 System Chapter 3 Character Chapter 4 World Chapter 5...
  7. C

    Dragon Age 2: Pre-Ordering from a Site.

    Ok, ive recently decided to spend over half of my allowance money (i get 10 euro per week since like 1 month ago) to pre-order Dragon Age 2. Ive looked at the sites and i have decided for the EA Online Store. However, i am not sure if its trusted or not. They say that the game is digitally...
  8. Demize

    Dragon Ball Z Abridged

    Just wondering if anyone has watched all the episodes on teamfourstar.com. I finished them all recently and couldn't stop laughing all day. Pretty great job on the re-dubs imo. If you havent watched them you should check them out. My new in game alias now is "Super Kami Guru" cuz of it.. lol! :laff:
  9. Morvin

    Radars, dragon balls, enemies sensing system...

    Radars, dragon balls, enemies sensing system... If you look close the dbz universe and compare with esf, one thing on the game that doesnt fit very well the anime is about the way you deal to spot dragon balls and enemies... The way the scouter works on esf isnt quite like the anime. In the...
  10. M

    Dragon Age 2 Announced

    Source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/64658
  11. V

    Dragon Ball Plugin

    Hi I have a question for the fashion set ECX rc2 that the bullets only to emerge after more than 25 minutes because I like me are For breaking every 30 sec on the eye, and each player is to play instead of bullets near ^ ^ and by that I ask a server to crash help how to do it thanks in advance
  12. Vegeta

    Dragon Ball Z Kai sets new record as highest-rated series premiere in network's hi...

    Taken from FUNimation Blog, ANN, and FUNi's Facebook blog:
  13. A

    Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team Fighting

    Another new Dragon Ball game for the PSP has been announced, alongside the new Raging Blast game. It involves 4 player co-op.
  14. A

    Dragon Ball: Raging Blast .... 2

    Really? Aren't people getting tired of this breadcrumb bull****? http://www.playstationwallpapers.com/dragon-ball-raging-blast-2/
  15. D

    (Help) I Think this might be right

    Ok so to get goku to a kid we need black star dragon and once we do that we ened to turn him into ssj3 and make a wish for the moon then we can do ssj4 is this right or not I have been wondering this for a few days now and i cant figure it out Iam playing the extension p.s 3...
  16. M

    Summon red dragon?? HOW!

    Hi All i can summon the red dragon shenron...but after i choose moon i catch all the ball and how i can summon the red dragon? ( With goku)
  17. Damaera

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Buu Renders

    Almost put 09.. damn, not used to it being the new year yet T_T
  18. Damaera

    Dragon Age: Origins

    So Dragon Age: Origins just came out yesterday and it's apparently really good. I still have yet to grab it, but I'm definitely going to get it soon. Not sure if I'll enjoy the MMO aspect to it, but I'm sure it'll still be fun. Anyone have this yet?
  19. D

    how use dragon balls?

    i collect all six but how do i use them:confused:
  20. M

    New Dragon Ball Online Videos

    I can't embed the videos, so here are the links: http://dbo.netmarble.net/GameInfo/System/system01.asp http://dbo.netmarble.net/GameInfo/System/System02.asp http://dbo.netmarble.net/GameInfo/System/System03.asp http://dbo.netmarble.net/GameInfo/System/System04.asp...