1. Z

    dragon ballz in maps?

    when i started playing i found a map with dragon ballz in it...so i tried to create so i can see what happens. But when i finished creating there werent any ballz?!?!? can some1 tell me how to put them in, plz. :D
  2. X

    The Legendary Water God vs. The Dragon King

    Who do you think would win in a 1 on 1? Leviathan or Bahamut? Sometimes when I think of the scene in FFIX where Bahamut is first summoned over the sea's I would always hope that Garnet/Dagger would just summon Leviathan right there so that they could've both duked it out... I like FFIX's...
  3. O

    i dont have dragon balls in game

    only in river side and then one dragon ball on the radar and i canr see him
  4. X

    How to call on the Dragon?

    Hey all...well 've been trying to play the CTDB game but i allways collect all 7 of them into one place, they begin to flash but i never know how to summon the dragon. Can anyone tell me how?
  5. I

    Dragon balls, Sensu beans while using steam.

    Ok I'm not sure if this is a problem with the mod or something else so here I go. First is how do I get a sensu bean? Second is why when I make a server and I choose the game mod to be with dragon balls I can't find any dragon balls? And there is somekind of attack for every character I think...
  6. S

    mods - dragon ball

    does any1 know any other dbz mod (other than esf, bfp,dmz) that is downloadable and playabe?
  7. B

    Dragon thingy

    Whaddya think? - woulda posted some stuff earlier, but my parents cancled internet, then decided not to get satellite, so it tookem a while to get it all back up and running, (now i have internet on my pc, so no more file transfering YAY, i love wireless)
  8. S

    problems with the dragon

    Hi, i can't see the dragonballs :( is it because the makers of esf are working on it? thx
  9. V

    Dragon Punch

    Even though Goku is powerful as is, I think he should have dragon punch. To do this he must be super sayen. It's a one hit ko. It can only be done during a melee attack and must do a hard combo. The other player must block at least one to stop it. If Goku completes it, he loses his energy...
  10. S

    Dragon Ball Z: Who would win?

    Take in mind, Everyone is on the same exact level as everyone else. No one can transform. Its an all out fight. No Kaioken or Spirit bomb either. Also state why they would win. It has to be ONe person
  11. S

    the dragon balls

    How do you collect the dragonballs I cant find them in the game if i play in ctdb.
  12. M

    dragon ball z budoukai 3 news

    ---NEWS BUDOKAI 3 After a semi-disappointment gotten by Budokai2 compared to the many points that j'ai developed in my part "test". Thus d'après of the sources rather sure, Budokai3 will leave it: October 22, 2004 on PS2. All d'abord, l error of the "history mode" was rectified and it will...
  13. Volrath

    Where is the Dragon Balls?!

    Hey the CTDB mode has been removed?!?! it will be back on 1.3? thanks...
  14. M

    Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury!!! OMG

    OMG yes... Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury E3 its coming soon.. I loved Lecasy Of Son Goku 2 and 1 but now a 3 Part... yeee... more info in Google.. :laff: Me so Happy... I hope it will be realised soon.. :shocked:
  15. S

    Dragon Ballz

    Is there any way u can make it give u 100.000.000 and not 1.000.000. :laff: