1. Mkilbride

    Doom 3 Source code ready to be released.
  2. Mkilbride

    Doom 4 "Doomed"
  3. Synth

    I am -- DOOM!

    Hmm... before we begin... let's get something strictly on the record. I like to complain. Who doesn't? God (Jehovah, Allah, etc) gave us the Internet, so we could complain without spitting on each other. Notice how those two names, sort of forced you to go "awe"? Yeah, that pisses me off...
  4. M

    Doom 4

  5. wheres_


    Just a little assignment for school, I'll post more when there is more. Thoughts? No lights or nothin yet so keep your panties on Gir.
  6. Pain

    Grega, meet thine doom!

    Grega, I challenge you! I'd also like to request a newbie ref (one who has not referee'd a fight yet)
  7. I


    I just recently seen this movie and I say it's an alright movie. One thing before you go see it, if you never play Doom 3, don't bother seeing it. Since I beat Doom 3 it was a treat to see. I got there about 10 minutes late into the movie but I don't think it would matter much to the story. The...
  8. Kaination

    Doom 3 Sig, woohoo

    Its a doom 3 sig! woot. this is my first REAL attempt at making a sig, I think it came out pretty good :) Hell ya! Any critiziscm on how to make it better? :D
  9. S


    A movie based on the popular video game series Doom has been confirmed and has an official site up: They also have a trailer plus a very long interview with ID Software and a few of the cast members such as The Rock. Personally I can not wait until this movie is...
  10. F

    Doom 3 sucks!!!!!!!

    Actually I'm just kidding I wanted to direct your attention to this thread. My grandfather is a huge huge gamer. He has that dell xps or whatever it's called. Anywho, he sent me doom 3 so I could play it. And No matter how low I put the configurations everything lags, and is choppy and I...
  11. Kaination

    Any way to speed up Doom 3?

    Man I'm pissed. I just bought Doom 3 and it lags like a mother ****er on my pc. Any way to reduce the lag? And when I say lag I mean 8 FPS Counter Strike Lag. Please help?
  12. Z

    I am the newb of doom!

    Hurray for ewbs! oh huzzah!... sorry bout that matey yip yip. Anywho, I'm new to this fourm (yah, I know you wanna play poke the newb) anywho, just a quick question, do yo have a thread specific to refs for modeling? I need more refs, everytime I screw up big time on one model, and have to...
  13. owa

    Half-Life 2 VS Doom 3

    Vote for which you think is best. I honestly don't care why you chose which one, but post why if you feel like it. Just don't start harassing people for enjoying one or the other. This is a simple "pick whick one you like more" nothing else. None of that "I hate them both" bull**** or...
  14. Soulicro

    Doom 3 Movie?

    Dont ask me if its true. Dont blame me on spreading rumors. I checked out a site and saw this.
  15. Goten-son

    Doom 3 screen saver

    Hey i was browsing the web and came across this cool screen saver on a forum and thought i would post it here for you guys. its of the UAC system locked screen you see on the computers in the doom 3 game, pretty good screen saver heh here it is...
  16. owa

    Hey, what's *** about Doom 3?

    Well, in the other Doom thread, people don't like when we talk about the negatives of Doom 3, because apperantly we can't do that in a "Doom 3" thread. So I figured, why not post what you feel is wrong with the game here. Don't flame peoples opinions, or flame the game itself, just say what...
  17. S

    Scurry Doom 3 Background @[email protected] [New one at bottom.] Yes, no, maybeh? Ew, jpg compression sucks... I'm going to remake without compression >_o. Fix0red : D.
  18. Smith

    Scurry Doom 3 Background @[email protected] [New one at bottom.] Yes, no, maybeh? Ew, jpg compression sucks... I'm going to remake without compression >_o. Fix0red : D.
  19. H

    ESF mod for Doom 3?

    It would be soooooo cool if they put ESF on Doom 3 with everything from the 1.1-1.2 versions = ) That would be soooo cool!
  20. A

    Doom 3?

    Is Doom 3 really all that good? Should I buy it? How good is it 1/10? 10/10??