1. T

    ESF: Creating a Server

    About the options when creating a server, whats the class limit? And whats the different effect when entering different numbers?
  2. J-Dude

    Creating a DBZ Aura in 3DSMax: Any Methods, plugins or Tutorials (vid, not game)

    Hey, I've been trying forever to create a true-to-show DBZ aura in 3DSMax (I have version 7) and though I have a small method, its not especially realistic or render-friendly. I want to make it just like in DBZ, of course having a cavity in the middle like a real aura. This is for video, so it...
  3. N

    creating a server??!

    i just got this game and when i create a server with just me. it wont let me join do i need to download the map to host it or what do i need??
  4. Neon

    Creating Servers

    I would like to know how to create a public server. I can create the server for my own personal use but not for others to join. I'm guessing it has something to do with openning the ports, however, I do not know how to do such a thing. If anyone can assist me I'd greatly appreciate it. (I tried...
  5. Super-sayain300

    hi! i need help with creating server

    hi! when im creating game it dosent come anyone why and i dont have any fire walls :S one more thing how do u make someone to admin i cant make my self a admin hehe plz answer
  6. Raeku

    Problem creating game

    :S When I create a game it starts to create, but then just goes back to the main screen. It only says "starting to create game server..." or something and then it goes straight back. I installed the model pack from ESF-World and it worked fine for a while, so it cant be that. I also bought...
  7. I

    Creating won server problems

    Well I put in bots etc etc when I start it up and it loads esf just closes on me whats up?
  8. I

    How do I go about creating my own skin to put on a model

    I want to create my own skin but I haven't the faintest clue where to start. Could someone please help me out and give me some clues as to what I should do. thanks
  9. C

    problems when creating a server

    ok when i try to make a server and i go through the options like the map and how many players i want and the mode like FFA or team mode i put it on FFA and i turn off the power closer to servers average and when i create the game and get started it asks for which team i want good or evil . also...
  10. S

    Creating a server with a linksys wireless router.

    I'm pretty sure I just have to open ports in order to host my own server. Does anyone know what ports I have to open? Also is there anything else I would have to do to get it working? Normally when I try to host a game it doesnt show up in the server list and nobody can join. I'm running the...
  11. S

    Creating Computer Videos

    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone knows of any free programs that can create a recording of what your doing on the computer. For example, I wanted to record a cretain game I was playing , but the game didn't come with a record feature. I've searched on google for any programs like this, but all I...
  12. S

    Help on creating a server using steam

    I know this has already been discussed but how do you create a server using steam. And what is the file that i have to download because the one given wont work.
  13. R

    creating a website

    hi every one i was just wondering if there is a program for making a website, im coplety useles at html coding so thats a no no and im not bothered about paying for the program
  14. X

    Whats better, bumping threads or creating new ones?

    Just out of curiousity. Cause I was wondering why my SF vs. KOF thread was back on the first page. But when ever im in a forum like this one someone doesn't want you to revive an old thread, but if you create a topic about a subject already discussed sometimes that current thread will be...
  15. E

    Creating FOG, please help

    well i have looked every where on the net and at the stickys a bit... but can someone tell me how to make fog in worldcraft and if not set the max distance less because i have seen it done/?
  16. The_Forgotten

    Creating a Server

    K when I create a server and I type server "w/e it says server info or w/e and it doent show up on the server list.Please help...!
  17. C

    Creating a non-dedicated server, how do I name the server?

    Not sure since search brought up no results, I do remember seeing how its done before, but I can't relocate the post again, I tried looking in all server related posts/fourms.
  18. S

    Creating Own Server

    I Set Up A Server And All, Put In "sv_lan 0" in the Consol But It Still Doesnt Appear In The Server Log...Wots Up :shocked:
  19. D

    Creating Game with Dragonballs VIA Steam

    MMMMK i was able to create a game with dragonballs when esf was with counter-strike 1.5 but now when i go to make a game with dragonballs it doesnt work :shocked: i use (expirmental CTDB) and no dragonballs come up on radar or anything.... Help plz
  20. Brolly USSJ1

    Creating a Steam server? Read this for cvars.

    Here are the steps to making, naming, and setting the max players on a server in steam! 1. Click Create Server 2. In the console type sv_lan 0 3. In the console type hostname "name of server here" 4. In the console type maxplayers "number of players here" 5. In the console type sv_password...