1. G

    Map Talk

    this is a thread that i am creating so people can come in here and just give there opions on any map ormaps that they like and if someone doesnot not like the othere persons opion they can challenge them by quoting and giving there opion. Anyways, have fun and dont get to routy i dont want this...
  2. J

    Creating free for all HLDS server!

    Even i put mp_gamemode 0 at the SERVER.CFG but when I click on the hlds the server it run but still team play! do I need to write anything at short cut hlds to make it free for all?
  3. S

    creating servers

    when i create a server it goes all colourfull then i can press alt and tab to minimize it and it goes normal but then i cant hear sounds.
  4. Lethal_Vegetto

    This has probibly already been asked but

    When will the GOOD Gotenks be released for esf??? I must get it!!! Please tell me when its being released. Thx
  5. M

    i need some help with creating a new server

    i need help creating a server when i create one it doesnt show up on my list and i cant view it so can you plz help me. p.s i need help with bots. i hope not to look like a noob in this post im merely asking for help!
  6. I

    Starting model...

    I made a starting model for HL models. (no animations) This is so people dont get annoyed with trying to make a model to work from scratch off of (for humanoids that it). It took me 15 minutes. Frankly, I'm thinking of going back to modeling, but i gave my old MS3d to my cousin, so I'll have...
  7. L

    Problems with creating games

    Whenever i try to create a game, i press create do all the settings like game map and so on and then when i'm loading into my game and trying to connect to it, the screen becomes all mess up and I can not get into the game nor can anyone else. I think its something with the video settings but...
  8. K

    creating skins

    I was wondering how you creat skins for models? Do you just draw it like in paint shop then slap it on or what. I want to start editing my own models so other people dont have to do it for me.:laff:
  9. P

    weird icky strange...kind of landscape

    oy i kinda got messy while creating something....... well see it as whatevery ou want to see it its a landscape to me like usual if the pic dont work copy and paste this link in ur url bar thingie
  10. Cheeseman

    Important Modelling News!

    From this point onwards, people posting modelling threads based on their projects will be required to supply images of their work. Failure to do so will result in removal of aforementioned threads and warnings being distributed to repeat offenders. You may think this sounds harsh, but until...
  11. B0Bmaster40000

    Mappers Needed for Project:FW

    im a lone mapper bearing a heavy load at the moment with all the maps being planned for Futora Warfare. I would appreciate any help. For more information, go here: if u wish to join, pm me here or leave a post in our forums
  12. G

    Shuts down when creating a room

    can some one help me? I dont why it just shuts down but i really want to play on it wont let me...:cry:
  13. Skinnerfool

    Majin Vegeta Battle damage

    I will skin a vegeta battle damage but first i need ref pics
  14. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Creating sounds

    I tried to change Krillins sounds with Gotenks's (that I've made) and when I started playing they didn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!! :cry:
  15. G

    Creating servers

    I need help? Do any of you guys know how to create servers?:p
  16. Ranma

    I'm so confused, can you a question about making maps for me please

    Ok, I'm trying to make a map (i know nothing about making them :p). I've read more then 15 tutorials and i'm still clueless, but i'm still going to try :). Anyway, something is making me annoyed and i was wondering if you could simply answer 2 questions for me. 1. When i make a box, and...
  17. DragonDude

    ESF_Moon Coming Along Nicely

    Alright, I have started my first map I actually plan on releasing. Progress is begining. It's still got a long way to go, but I'm going to keep you guys updated with screenshots as I finish it. Don't expect too much from me, but I need some work out there so I can call myself a...
  18. B

    Perfect freeza done!!

    here is my model p.Freeza i know the skin is bad but im not a skinner :) Please someone skinn it !!! somebody of my team like to skin?? and some animates are broken please can someone fix it??? plz
  19. D

    Questions on creating sounds

    I have a sound recorder and i want to make my own sounds for things that no one ever made before like beam charging sounds and power up sounds. I have a few questions. First--how do u make a sound repeat in the game like if i were making a power up sound, how would i make that into a continous...
  20. I

    Creating A cone

    how can i create a cone for the top of a pillar with vhe?