1. L

    How To Model

    Hi all, im a noob to modelling, so if you know your a master modeller and have the trime to teach me plz add me to msn at, or my AOL AIM, Denethor361. I really need help:cry: because everytimne i try to model something its turns out crap and rubbish, i can skin thats easy...
  2. Mr.Bugskin


    Would someone like to compile this model cuz this model owNZ! In BFP and got it at neds site I mean to compile it for ESF please
  3. T

    Pikkon-Remodel and Reskin for ESF 1.1

    I havent compiled it im waiting for 1.1, its almost done i just gotta fix the rope to make it look more like pikkons and the chest a make it sharper and eyes heres a render if you cant see it copy and paste UPDATE new pic I changed a...
  4. B0Bmaster40000

    3d wallpapers

    heres a few wallpapers (or more appropriatly: scenes) that i made a while ago in 3dsmax. just thought i'd show them to ya, and see what you think. - twisted hall: this one, i saw a pic years ago in another 3d program that was in the helpfile, i just remade it from memory and warped it a bit...
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    how to do awsome 3d walls

    you have seen them everywhere, 3d wallpapers. well they arnt that hard to make. tools needed: photoshop 3d studio max 3d studio max and make a spike 2. copy this spike numeruos times and rotate it making some sort of porcupine shape. 3. save this image 4. open photoshop and set...
  6. N

    My Art Topic

    I thought I might just post my newest creation, I will add some more crap soon once I get my lazy ass into gear.
  7. S

    Sig + Wallpaper

    Ive made my first sig and wallpaper with 3dsmax, just click my sig to view the wallpaper, CnC pleez :)
  8. G

    Vegeta and Trunks SIGNATURE no CRAP this time.

    :shocked: Guys I decided to make a Vegeta and Trunks signature I would like to know if this sig is better than my 17 signature below CRITS please...
  9. M

    Rosat map problems

    Ok whenever i try to run this map, the character's in character select screen are all greyed over, and like EVERYTHING is grey on the actual map. Can't see ANYTHING at all. Whats the problem?
  10. SSJ4_Cell

    My Small and Quick Video .GIF

    Click here. Cool, eh? Crits please.
  11. Z

    android no 17 (for wariors of destiny)

    android 17 klick on the name c 17 the uper one is for esf the lower one is for my game wariors of estiny :D credits to the trunks and vegeta maker for the c17 model for esf
  12. Logan4434


    ok,im doing a model for some mod(havent decided yet between TFC or HLDM)but when i try to compile it says"to many normals"WTF is that crap.never gotten it before.
  13. Skinnerfool

    Looki My Skin

    Go download my skin CLICK HERE! ITS A BETTER BEBI VEGETA SKIN CREDITS ------------- ESF TEAM AZN ERSEN tell me i f im missing sumthing ok
  14. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Can someone give me a link to a Worldcraft tutorial

  15. MinesSkylineR34

    a quick photoshop question

    help me out on something in photoshop, for example if you just want the part of the picture that has the whole character, how do you take it out?! the lasso tool isnt very dependable :\
  16. DaKD

    USSJ Vegeta (for those who wanted a bearable one)

    I took the time and made a bearable ussj vegeta. and this is not just a plain edit i edited the skin and scaled the props very carefully. dont tell me that it sux or not cuz i wont fix it. do it ur self if u think it needs fixin just give me and the original creator credit. Ill post some...
  17. TimTheEnchantor

    Some hate going around maybe?

    I cant help but notice but some people are attacking others here on this forum....I dont want that to happen... Art is a form of expression, to see fellow artist's be cynical about remarks is just heart-wrenching for me.. This is a great place, would hate for it to turn to crap due to...
  18. Skinnerfool

    Where can i get this model

    where can i get a supreme kia model i search for it but i sin't see any so someone give me da link!
  19. Ryoko

    Demonic perception (Wall)

    Well I have not made a wallpaper.. in ages? So I decided to try with disasterous results -.- I uploaded it anyway though, go easy on me :talk:
  20. D

    hi there wich programs can i use

    plz give me the home page too get the map programs i can use cuzz i vant too map i can model but that is hard and booring i can use world craft but i vant too know if there are other mapping programs such as terrain editor