1. GreenBerets

    my first sig, THIS IS NOT CRAP

    this is my first real sig, i think its good, i like it....critz? like it? critz critz **EDIT**Check it
  2. G

    okies.. well can i get some help?

    Well im new right to mapping, and well i havent made a full on map, ive got an idea bout one, but if prefabs are like rippen off ppls fair enough. if I used someone elses though, id give em credit, but yeah i guess i'll have a crack at maken one. Well at least, do yous have a pic or...
  3. .FM.


    yes i made the wall paper (ryoko) :S comments? O_o
  4. S

    REDSAIYAN File Database Accounts

    I decided to give account to mappers and modelers on, this way you will be able to add your files, without asking my permission or have a delay to get your file hosted. What you will have: - Power to add your files in any sections of the file db - Edit other files and your...
  5. Darkshadow

    the other soundpack of mystic gohan

    when the good model of azn dragon came out Bdm Mystic gohan someone dont know who again made a upgraded soundpack and i liked that but because of the adminmod my esf stopped playing:cry: and had to install it again and now i lost my cool soundpack can that guy who made that upgraded soundpack of...
  6. SA_Gohan

    Model Pack pt2

    Since creating the Teen Pan concept is going to take a little longer than I iniatially anticipated, I've decided to work on Kid Buu. So far only the head is complete, and only partially at that. Comments? BTW: 246...
  7. N

    crap sorry

    how do u reply instead of new thread, lol
  8. F

    Did I post this here?

    Respectful Dream I really don't think I posted this here but I could be mistaken.
  9. J

    I'm using a Radeon 9700 pro but my graphics are crap

    what's going on here? every other game i run is beautiful but half life, earth special forces, and counterstrike have pretty crappy graphics. I'm talking in terms of frame rate, and anti-aliasing. All i want is no jaggies and a good framerate. I can do this with my Geforce 3 just fine but...
  10. Vegito1180

    New Sig

    What Do u Think Of My New Sig?
  11. IceFire2050

    Using Skin and other people can see them?

    I was playing a game on the snakeway map from the red saiyan website and this one guy was Gohan and he changed his skin to Gordon from Half-Life. His guy was spazing out like my sprites do if they arnt desinged for that mod but still.....HOW DID HE DO IT?!?!
  12. Freezer 75%

    Bebi vegeta pack redone

    ohh and could ya maby ya know maby make a good bebi vegeta pack most r crap vegetahas spiky hair and bebi vegeta has a mohawk
  13. S

    Where to download Worldcraft

    :cry: O_O where must i download worldcraft ;( :)
  14. .FM.

    rs vegeta?

  15. Messiah Daz

    Compile My Map

    I read bout the zhlt or whatever but I dont get it I just made my first map and cant compile it can anyone simplify it for me?
  16. D

    How do you guys make YOUR sigs?

    I found a tutorial on how to make this 1337 ASS BG...( me it is :p ) I just wanna know how you guys make ur images look like this I tried fiddlyin around with blending options...(hoping it was OVERLAY..)but i couldnt figure it out. wut do u guys use? i just wanna learn...
  17. T

    Ok I Have Had Enough Of This Crap!

    when ever i try to play ESF sometimes, it gives me a CD key error saying that someone else is using my CD key...How do i fix it?
  18. S

    Want lagless water? all mappers read

    Alright ever notice how when you create a map with lots of water you get a nice drop in framerate and some increase in ping? well its because the waves are being rendered constantly, and they are rendered everywhere on the map, now do you want a solution? ok download wally, search for it on...
  19. S

    n00b sig

    just starting to use programs outside of msart...sorry for my crap...
  20. C

    About putting new mdoels in ESF

    I was wondering,if it was possible to put models for ESF ingame,competelly new models,with new animations etc.. Thanx for answering