1. F

    Ah Crap Bad News on Naruto

    Seems the Rights to Naruto Have been bought by ' 4kids ' and ' Funimation ' meaning when it is relesed in English there will be no blood, no sexy no jutsu, no fun! Why do the dubbers have to stuff everything! Naruto is not a kids show! Its a Teenager/young adult show yet they sell it as a...
  2. X

    Holy Crap (Iori vs. Kyo Cosplay)

    :shocked: Check it out (And the person laying down in the background is Shingo)
  3. BU-Master Roshi

    Oh crap I goofed.

    I apologize to Master Roshi. I logged in using my Beyond unreal Login and PW information and got his account by mistake. I forgot my login name was different here. I only found out when I saw the avatar was different than the one i had set for my account. I hope this did not cause any problems…
  4. G

    This new looks is crap, to be honest

  5. D

    holeh holeh holeh holeh crap!

    well every 1 knows sb pwns... check it out but the question is should i replace it with my current 1?
  6. N

    Video is CRAP!! ESF half life HELP!

    ok i just got Half life today and the video/3d is SO BAD! Steam is way better 3d and stuff then Half life , is there a way to make Half Life Version just as good as Steam version? HELP!!
  7. OubliezJe

    Need a picture?

    If youneed apicture leave your info aim ore-mail. and i dontmean signature, i MEAN A PICTURE lol. crap i posted in the wrong one can someone move this to artwork?
  8. GhostfaceKillah

    Arthas... round 2

    Blended the pic better, some other small changes... better?
  9. DaKD

    Hiei BG

    Im pretty new to making BG's so heres a Hiei BG I made. Critz plz
  10. Death The Jedi


  11. Sicron

    Clan Logo

    Well i have a Clan called EBF (earth's best forces) NOT FOR ESF but for AAO (America's Army Operations), and i made a logo for that just asking for crits (ow and please dont talk about bad quality pics, cuz i know, i cant find better) Just want some crits about: is the overall good? and those...
  12. Damaera

    Majin Blue Saiyan Trunks!

    Pics: Back And Front Working on Trans look I'll show you guys later Credits:Xstortionist For TRunks and SSJ (Majin Blue Saiyan SSJ Trunks coming soon!)
  13. Vegito1180

    BlueLight Bulb

    OK Critz?
  14. God Gundam

    Gt Goku Pack By Gg And Kama Release!

    well its here finally, after a few weeks of work and patience, kama and i have put together this nice little pack for you. we dont care if you like it or not, but this is what weve done for you. thats what it looks like. we took pride in this, so enjoy cause itll be a while before we do...
  15. Z

    tmnt pack

    ok lissen i got a friend at school who is willing to help me a litlle with joints i got the foot done who can host a pic for me it replaces picalo im curently working on cassy
  16. S

    wtf?? i carnt get my head around this??

    well i dl the cyborg vegeta at redsaiyan.. and when i open the folder theres a readme title readmeigess when u read it, it says this folder contains a virus! and it has a trjen dll in it wtf is up woth that has any one else dl it?? or is it a joke because if it is a virus am screwed...
  17. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Ultimate SSJ4

    Well i have made (not completely) aSSJ Goku Its badass I need Sin (Sin Goku) to assigne the bones , because i suck at that Anyways heres the pic Credit to AZN - arms , legs Real modeler of goku - body Tell me what do you think? :laff:
  18. K

    Big monkey thingy & ssj4 crap?

    I think the monkey thingy is crap & is just annoying. Also I think ssj4 looks ***, it should be like normal ssj transformations instead of the monkey thingy n the hair should be white or sumthing. tell me what you think
  19. Nuttzy

    crappiest model ever

    well, i got bored, and though the model is "decent" when standing still its crappily animated, and since you hafta copy and paste it anyways the file is on the front page EDIT***** I AM REMAKING THE MODEL, CHECK THE ABOVE LINK TO SEE...
  20. owa

    [][] Helping Newbies At Art [][]

    Hey, Well I just got this idea of a thread well replying to someones thread in the signature thread. Well your prolly like well what is this, right? Well what my idea was that people who aren't new to photoshop, paint shop, ect could just post tips or little hints, ect about things they...