1. ultrassj_vegeta

    new wp without crap

    kk.. i took out the pics now... just a simple wallpaper.. tell me wat u ppls think....
  2. Jonka

    Old work

    Use to do alot of drawings involving crap Im out of now so here just 2 drawings I did 2 years ago.Might be blury because I dont got a scanner and had to use web-cam:(
  3. Mr. Satan

    WTF Is This Crap?!

    Alright after leaving ESF about a year ago (I Think) to play DMZ I decided to start playing again until DMZ v1.8 is released. Okay so I move all my admin mod shiznit over and my anti-lag scripts etc... and i redownload ESF, everything is going great BUT I don't have all the moves for each...
  4. S

    Which site?

    Which site do you guys like better? This one at Http:// or..
  5. Synth

    Movie 8 map request

    Im not a skilled mapper myself, you should see what i tried to make with world craft. i had a open warehouse with a zombie army on one end then a horde of scientist on the other. with 2 giants crates in the middle centered from each other. behind the scientist i had a ladder they led up to a...
  6. dudeman

    ANOTHER New Map!!!

    yes, i did it again.. i made another new map!! and this time without a water bug :devil: DOWNLOAD IT HERE ! and for the fools who didn't install esf around here, see the screenshot's HERE ! have fun! dudeman
  7. V

    crap systems

    I want to bet I got the the most crappy pc of this whole forum. where I actually play esf on. I got a p1,200 mhz, 32 mb ram, with a voodoo2 addon card :\ Bet u guys cant top that :p
  8. Styles

    We need good bot makers (or crap who cares)

    We need someone to start making bots for esf so lamers like me with 56k can vs something because as most of u guys know akimbot stopped supporting esf.;(
  9. B

    Even More Car Photo Manips

    Well i decided to do a little more car photomanipulation, this one has got the most extensive reworking of the cars body that i have attempted yet and i think it turned out very well comments and critz welcome. My Edit:- Original:- BrunO
  10. E

    modeling shhh

    how much would i have to payu esf guys to teach me how to use milkshape 3d :P *dont move to mdeling section lmao*
  11. thor

    Red Bigbang Attack

    You can download it from my site in the beams section.
  12. Midgaard

    Human crap

    hey whats the deal with that in 2002 there will be this ssj model and that one !?!?! do u think kuririn is useless, a worthless piece of mud !?!?! before doing ssj models finish him first PPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!! (with love from a kuririn fan) BTW does the...
  13. G

    hollow or solid?

    I am making a model right now, and so far I got the wall to the leg, only problem thing that I need to know is do the models need to solid? or can they be hollow and still do animations? I was thinking they can be hollow because if they were solid the models number of polys would be high as...
  14. J

    If you want a sig! (read first b4 posting)

    if you want a sig, don't spam around in the forums. PM someone that makes sigz. or go here: it's a sigmakers community. you can request sigz in that forum.
  15. P

    my first attempt at a skin

    im going to make it ssj3 or ssj4 dunno yet, its not close to being done and its my first attempt so bare with me!
  16. L

    Gundam wing wallpaper

    can you guys rate this? tell nme what you think of it out of 10
  17. B

    Good Skining Tutorials

    Ya im gonna start skinning im OK (well im crap) at PSP and would like to skin a bit and would like to know of any good turtorials, ya i tried polycount but that site is all messed up cant find my way about it. any others or direct links please help a beginner skinner. BrunO
  18. S

    How do you like your cell games?

    I have made 5 different cell games maps... they all include my ring which is pretty damn close to the actual show.... I base all my maps off episodes and screen rips.... I need to know how people woulda like to play cell games... Options: (1) Small Land Area but high sky box so lots of...
  19. G

    Gohan and Krillins Speed!

    Have you noticed that Gohan and Krillin are the slowest people in the game! I think that since they are smaller they should be faster. Also in the show Gohan is faster than most of the characters.