1. L


    Ok new map.... nc_desert screen shots i took the screen shots in valve hammer editor becouse i haven't compilie it yet, im just about to.... and i just hope the fps are ok... well tell me what ya think...
  2. U

    Need Help With Hair

    Well im reskinning (and adjusting the model a little bit) a Bebi Vegeta (not transformed) it was a redsaiyan that i downloaded first before i started reskinning, but my problem is that the hair of that redsaiyan isnt even close to the hair that the bebi vegeta should have but i saw some Vegeta...
  3. B

    i'm looking for animator for a pokmon mod

    i know the most of you people dobnt like pokemon so if you dont like it dont read this post. The best pokemon mod named "pokemod" is looking for an animator, you dont have to be good but you have to be able to make some basic movements like idle animations and some attacks. The mod is...
  4. Marauder

    Shield breached

    a just wipped something up, dont have alot of time to write down, so ill update later :)
  5. steve-o

    First ever Milk shape face by face model..

    Ok i have posted this over at SOS i know i know.. But someone wanted me to post it here as well.. so catch (notice i am just copy and pasting what i posted at sos.. after this) Ok.. my 3D studio max 5 is bust.. so i desided to play with milkshape and made this (prob my worst model ever) but...
  6. A

    Another problem

    Ok, I have the bojack trunks done.. Now I need to know how I get him ingame. Its an ms3d right now and I tried importing an animation smd. It animated, but only the part that was from trunks (legs) the part that was from vegeta did not animate when I imported the trunks animation. How do I get...
  7. A


    I got a problem. I wanna copy trunks sword, on to another model im working on. I cant save yet but Im gonna buy milkshape today. How do i copy and paste the sword onto another model, I already group selected and removed it off trunks, but how do I copy and paste. **EDIT** Ok, I...
  8. We$$ide

    Goku with roshis symbol on his back

    Goku with roshi's and king kai's symbol on his back ive made a roshi symbol on gokus back(i thought it would be better as an empty back :cool: ) credits: model/skin = the esf team symbol on gokus back = -=The Wes=- here is a pic Here is a download link (copy and paste) for the...
  9. dudeman

    800x600 WP of my drawings

    i made a 800x wp outta my "dudeman" drawings.. i dont really like the bg, coult get it the way i wanted.. but still i like the wp myself.. i wanted to make it 1024x but then the pics would be too washed out or too small for the wp oh and there are also some new dudeman drawings in it :)
  10. The Dark One

    Compiling Question...

    Is there a way to compile worldcraft maps for quake 3???
  11. P


    ok! on the right hand side i already said that im a noobz. I can only colour the skin not change it or draw a new one if theres something wrong, i can't change it cause it is.... Try Downloading Brollmans Bojack Trunks and HL Model Viewer and try repair it can you? If you can teach me...
  12. Vengaurd

    the map list

    im just learning the ups and downs of the hl map editer right now, its prety close to what im used to and im ready to make a real map now, the problem is...i cant get my test map (wich happens to be the pacman map) doesnt show up in the hl map list. im sorry if this sounds dumb, this is my first...
  13. L

    gohan from histroy of trunks movie

    i was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a model of gohan from the dbz movie "history of trunks".... he looks like adult gohan in the buu saga, but he gets his arm shoot off by androids 17 and 18... if you can just get the adult gohan model and give give a lot of battle damage and...
  14. S

    correct me if im wrong but...

    isnt this a esf forum? cause from the title, the link and lits more i dont c anything that applys that this is a dmz forum 2. then y do ppl post models of dmz here? or any other mods...
  15. IceFire2050

    would this work?

    ok i know nothing about mapping but tell me if this would work for a map like king kai's planet cause people say half-life doesnt support multiple gravity sources make the map 4 rooms and break the planet into the 4 peices and make huge doorways (that look like background) and when u walk...
  16. S

    u wanted proove??? here is ur proove!!

    u wanted proof??? here is ur proof!! u wanted proof that i didnt trace? well there u go. if this doesnt do it for u and u still think i traced it, then ur a complete(!!) idiot imo. this pic is here so u cn compare it to the first 2. look at what i marked in the original, and look at my...
  17. StriKe!

    Vegeta ssj3?:)

    This model belongs to Kreshi, the skin too!!! i just made some minor changes (if you see the skinpacks, you can see wot i reskinned lol). I know the hair isn't correct, but ssj3 Veggie doesn't excist but, i thought it looked funny:). I dont have a site so i cant really post it:D But, like...
  18. B

    Your special forces executable is out of date

    When I want to play, the game always displays the message Your special forces executable is out of date Does anyone know why I can't play?
  19. J

    Cant find a modeleditor ! plz help !

    I cant find a modeleditor i cant find it wher ever i look after i :cry: PLZ HELP ME !! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  20. E

    Normal Goku

    Can Someone make or post a link to an old post, to a normal model good reskin please??