1. H

    Melee changes, is this correct?

    Hey all, I heard that the new melee system is not going to make the character practically invincible for 10 seconds after you hit them, is this correct? Also, are the melee bubble thingies going to open? or.. are they still gonna be invincible?
  2. imkongkong

    can't find the correct drivers for xp for laptop, HELP PLS

    i've recently purchased this laptop and i want to format and install xp in it instead of vista the Model: M-6862 any help in finding links to...
  3. A

    correct me if i'm wrong

    ok i only hav hl2 so does that mean i hav to get a copy of hl1 to play esf?
  4. Y

    Is this the correct Half life Is this the same half life you need to play this mod. So when I buy it I will be able to play this mod right? Also sorry if this is the wrong section or something. It said newbie control so I pressumed it would answer this question.
  5. I

    ok need to no the correct console command for fun mode

    in game someone told me that "fun mode" is funusage ingame... i tried that in my own server with bots, ultimate bots, yet i go back to console and it doesnt say any "unknown command" and yet there arent mutiple ps's on one very neglected bot.... i started an new server, type funusage and it...
  6. L

    Looking for the pr0's Freiza

    Hey Guys, ive been searching for The pros Freiza, could someone provide me a link or send it to me? EDIT-Yes I know this goes in Final Request, but the truth is, most stuff is ignored there and people go on with their conversations...
  7. M

    Fusion Model

    Heyzz I was just wondering whatever happend to the Goku + Vegeta (Gogeta Fusion) model did it ever get finished and will it ever appaer for download because i would be a waste not finish it after i get my awnser mods can close this tread No Flaming or Spamming i just want the awnser...
  8. I

    Baby Gohan WIP

    im making a baby gohan model... all my other models/ model edits got erased because my computer had some type of error :S well here it is...
  9. B

    EVM Promo Pics

    Here some Promo Pics all can use it (but never say its yours) I Want no Crits i only Post some EVM pics For ESF sites to post this use it or Look it :) No Edits or Ripps Allowed
  10. Shinkawa

    What happened to the sticky?

    I either seem to be hallucinating or something cause I remember there used to be a sticky that was about models that are released? What eve happened to that sticky?
  11. K

    wouldnt it be cool?

    wouldnt it be cool if someone made the kai planet the one that goku and vegeta fought against little evil buu i dunno y but ive always wanted to remake that one battle were ssj3 goku fights little buu
  12. Wangster

    goku *thanks to davidskiwan*

    well, i made a drawing of goku, with watching as much as possible on the proportions, and folds, thanks to david for giving me the site, i learned proportions of goku there. here it is: wat do you guys think?
  13. DaMan

    n00b at work

    this is my second work in photoshop comments and critz are welcome
  14. DBZFever

    Modellers needed for RPG!

    There is a new Dragonball Z RPG HL Modifcation in progress. We have mappers, skinners, animators, texture artists, 2d artists, but we need modellers! The Website is and the name is being changed to Dragonball Z Adventure. If anyone is willing to model for us, please...
  15. S

    model sites ?

    I know that there maybe have been some threads like this but... Do any1 know more places to download models from than: Red saiyan ???
  16. t he OnE Z Er0

    its there a gohan from coolers revenge

    :tired: it will be cool if there was one and a goku from coolers revenge:idea:
  17. H

    Gohan with cape!

    K here's another small edit....not much just fixed the hair and kinda rescaled and changed some stuff on the cape... PICCIE: Credits: ESF Team - For the Gohan model S-Bolt - For Piccolo with cape
  18. HyperSaiyaman

    Cooler 2nd transformation Project

    I've been thinking to make starting from Crackerjack's cooler model to make a transformation, i invite specially Crackerjack and all modellers that wanna join to make this model i think if we work together we can make it, here's a pic i made of how it could b: Thank You for reading.
  19. M

    How to compile ESF models to beta 1.1

    I read in your forum that it would only take 2 minutes to compile beta 1 models for beta 1.1 models so please tell me how to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please dont close this thread !!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Nuttzy

    for those of you waiting for pro's frieza

    undoubtedly his will be better, tis is more or less a recolor and rescale of the alpha meta cooler on redsaiyan, its tested and it works just fine ingame, aside from the death ball being a bit low, (inside his body) but itll tide you over, and as crappy as it be its better than the current...