1. Vladius

    New teleport concept

    Well at first I would like to say that i didn't thought it through well, so any critics are accepted. The teleport system in ESF isn't DBZ-style In the show we can see that they can teleport whenever they want and at various distances On the contrary, in ESF you can only teleport at a specific...
  2. M

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Announced

  3. M

    Melee Concept Creation Thread

    Goals Set Below will be reached eventually.. Task: Create a melee concept that meets them all.. - #1 A melee that is fun, while at the same time.. not too difficult/easy. - #2 A melee that's usable during lag. - #3 A melee that combines its' system with beams. - #4 A melee...
  4. john_volkov

    John Volkov's melee's concept

    well I had a small idee to make melee system so fun and riski at the same time here gose Basic Attacks Buton: LMB - Left mouse Buton RMB - Right mouse Buton What dose the buton Do: LMB it's basicly a auto combo system, if you swoop into someon you will start to hit your a oponet verry fast...
  5. sub

    DaRk and Sub's Melee Concept

    Covers melee, duel system, lock ons, swooping. Original stance idea by Zeonix Design Goals 1. Integrate advanced melee with simple melee 2. It must stay true to the game 3. Allow for duels 4. Automate what should be automated Introduction We’re probably never going to reach a consensus...
  6. S

    Melee design and stamina system concept

    Skiwan's ESF Design Doc All value's in this design are estimates and merely here for ease of visualisation, values need to be tested tweaked in real time game for effectiveness and balance. Stamina Some people are against the idea of adding yet another limitation to the game. This is not how...
  7. I

    My concept of a rock style trunk's (Ruff)

    Got a bit bored.. so drew a fast concept of what i think a rock trunk's would look like.. ruff drawing when i got bored.. do a sexier version soon.. bad pic as well just took it with my mobile :s but gives u the basic idea.. i did a quick 2 second draw over on photo shop.. as well...
  8. VideoJinx

    New ESF 1.3 Concept

    Jinx's Personal ESF 1.3 Outline (Continued) Camera View: -Cam View is locked for fairness. (No custom views) -It changes depending upon which situation the player is in. If a player is hit the camera may zoom out. While recovering it may zoom back in. When teleporting it may zoom in closer...
  9. D

    advanced melee - 3 stage attack concept

    i realize that this may be a bit complicated, but its "advanced" melee so i thought it wouldnt matter all to much as long as its not over balanced. btw, lets try not to think of "advanced" melee as noob-friendly melee. remember how that worked out? Mechanics: it will make it a little...
  10. Viper

    A map concept for TS

    Long time no post :) At least here. Started working on another Naruto based map for TS, this one made purely for dueling. More info in the clip.
  11. Viper

    Concept art for a game...

    Strated working on a game, began with the Art concepts (of course). So here's what i've done so far.
  12. VideoJinx

    1.3 Stamina Concept

    OK I understand the team hasnt added in the 1.3 stamina yet, or is the game final, but here is a concept the team can think about =). I know some tele lovers may kill me for this but here goes. I think teleporting SHOULDNT have a delay, but instead should have a stamina limit.Teleporting...
  13. M

    A intresting concept for the new advanced melee

    ok this is a idea i came up with for advanced melee theres 3 buttons punch kick and grab and 4 arrows now each direction button plus punch or kick or grab does soemthing difrent depending on where you are example down +k would do a sweep kick to your oppeant on the ground knocking him on...
  14. PiXel

    Frieza - Skiwans Concept - Ingame preview/animation/fixes

    this thread is just about the frieza i made a few months ago. (concept: by davidskiwan) the concept was drawn by Davidskiwan and it looked so cool , that i simply had to model it. Actually it was though to get it ingame as it...
  15. Enix

    Leon [RE2 unused 1.5 concept]

    Did this in my spare time inbetween moving to my new place. Older wires shot, too lazy to get a new one... Will work on it every now and then and finish it whenever I guess...:p [edit] Bah....and the actual concept:
  16. PiXel

    Frieza - Skiwans Concept

    uhm i promised him to model his frieza, so what i got for now: im luckly on a 1.6k tris count, so i will luckly have space for the armour, wichi hope do do in less then 500 tris. Gotta try to get it ingame, though dunno how about own animations, rather not, will see. the skinning will...
  17. B

    Piccolo Concept

    well, I'm redesigning piccolo and started with the concept, then will do the 3d model . here:
  18. B

    A new wii-add on concept ?

    Would u approve or disapprove ? :scared: :D
  19. PiXel

    [Matrix Mod] - Base Model and Concept Model

    yes, again a new Mod is borned. Anyway im going after this concept i drew: and first of all i will finish the base mesh and then work on from it. The Tri count is now 1100 +/- . Comments on it are welcome, but please only if its sensefull.
  20. $sj Goku


    OK LISTEN VERY CLOSE CUZ THIS MELEE ALONE COULD FREAKIN CHANGE ESF's TEAM MODE DRAMATICLLY! I heard There was buddy system or something being made for captain ginyu's transformations. They may want to pull some ideas from here. Team Attacks/Helps: How It would work Ok Lets say me and...