A intresting concept for the new advanced melee

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Jan 12, 2004
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ok this is a idea i came up with for advanced melee

theres 3 buttons punch kick and grab and 4 arrows
now each direction button plus punch or kick or grab does soemthing difrent depending on where you are example down +k would do a sweep kick to your oppeant on the ground knocking him on ther eback and thne you could press down g to grab them and toss them up or left or right would make you do a dragon swing now if your in the air you can do the same but it'll change to a front flip kick which would send the oppeant downard. you can also charge the moves like for power like if you press ppp thne held p youd do a lil combo then end it with either a stunning gut punch or knocking flying backwards
sorta liek how adnvanced mele already was but you do it like basic melee.

p= punch k= kick g=grab *=number means how long held(max is 5)

p=standard regular punch
p+p=2 hit combo punch
p+p+p=3 hit combo
p*= a gut punch thatll stun the oppeant for abit
p**=same thing as above but a longer stun
p***=same as above but knocks em back a bit
p****and p*****=massive push back

arrows just change direction of the attack like up P makes a uppper cut down p makes a gut punch or body blow etc

now for defending the block button can be used the same way where you can press it in the same manner to dodge and block moves

grabing would be the same thing except you oppeant must be stunned to use it or on the ground

i know it sounds like budoki tenkichi but the difference is the combos chains

like you go pppp^**** then teleport above em and grab em and swoop with em down towards the ground let go then get below em and blast em the big diffrence of the 2 games is the free play of it and the rapid style of playing

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