1. Goten-son

    cell modification

    well i was thinking, since krillin and frieza have their disks, why not take frieza disk off cell and give him his absorbing attack. it wouldn't be an instant kill attack, so hes more balanced in with the game, and everyone wants him to have that attack lol, but how the absorbing would work, i...
  2. G

    Trunks with armor in cell saga

    Hi everyone, I want that skin. You can see a picture of what i want here http://www.gsf-united.de/dlm/Pics/maps/gottespalast.JPG I searched on every website at http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=28655 but i didn't find what i wanted. If anyone wants to send me that skin by...
  3. U

    Cell's Absorbtion

    [COLOR=DarkGreen][/FONT] {Cell's Absorbtion} Manual.... 1.If Cell get's behind somewhone select Absorbtion.... 2.Click and the tail swallows... 3.If you're quick enough to do it.. 4. Click as Many times you can to win the struggle or you will get this: The defender get's free...
  4. C

    ESF cell shaded?

    :cry: Can we make esf cell shaded or make it look like its cell shaded??? you know if we cant make it cell shaded then can we make them have bright colors so they look like it. ;D you know like Budokai 2... im gonna get spammed to hell :cry: :cry:
  5. T

    Cell Shading Addon

    could someone please tell me how Cell Shading Addon models? http://www.gsf-united.de/Gruppez/potw/csa.jpg
  6. samurai^Kurai

    Cell Shading Addon v1.0 release

    if someone is interested Cell Shading Addon v1.0 is released if someone wants to download it go to www.gruppe-z.tk
  7. M

    janemba brolly perfect cell

    did someone know where i can download janemba brolly perfect cell model or skin please give me links don't say me to search in the forum i've already do that thx
  8. C

    Cell go boom!!!!!

    I doubt they would use this idea but wouldn't it be cool if cell can selfdestruct like when goku took him to kingkai?? It would be cool!!!! But how the heck do you make him swell up if it can be done gr8 if not 2 bad!
  9. N

    Where can i get cell shades caracter files?

    I would like to know where i can get the cell shade files. So plezz reply and tell me.
  10. M

    Perfect Cell WIP

    I posted his on sos... and no doubt if some one was gunna copy it itd be some one from here (no offense) and they would find their way to the topic in sos anyway >=(!! so back to the topic: thats all that done so far. DO NOT CLONE, DO NOT COPY!!
  11. D

    gohan (cell saga)

    hey guyz, check it out, gohan (cell saga) any problem? I think gohan's hair need to be fix ;/