1. #16

    Cell's bonus melee

    Dunno, but maybe esf team can add this Cell's move to bonus system? Look at 2.44 min. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Onea8z7q6E
  2. gigirs50

    cell game work in progress

    my version of the map that I'm working
  3. #16


    Can team show new perfect cell model? Two years have passed (2009-2012). Original post Dec 25, 2009 by Grega : Also featured in this update are Doormat's new Gohan model and a teaser of our new Cell powered by GG and Enix
  4. finalblast

    DBZ Uncencored Edition?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlGva8ekGUU Wouldn't you like that? Please don't embed videos with bad language -Deverz
  5. E

    Picollo And , Cell special attacks- cell saga.

    In dragon ball z cell saga , picollo fighting against no.17 , then cell is show up , and try to absorb no.17 - that's the first suggestion , i mean cell can absorb people to take the power from people or androids , its would to be cool. Picollo did some STRONG attack in this episode , cell is...
  6. Viper

    From the 5th Cell, Hybrid

    5th Cell did Drawn to Life, Lock’s Quest and Scribblenauts on DS. Their next game is on Xbox Arcade and is… a shooter ? http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/03/the-enemy-gate-is-down-5th-cell-debuts-innovative-shooter-hybrid.ars
  7. Dzamija

    Cell phone question, lawl.

    I got a question for you guys. See, I have this really old Nokia cell phone, 6230i or something like that, and beside that I also have an even older one that uses the same battery. Now, since I only use one of them, I use the other one as a backup battery charger, so if I accidentally forget to...
  8. P

    cell's final form glitched

    When you use cell and get him to his last form (not sure if it happens with every form) and you press one of the side button then the forward button his whole body goes to the right side of the screen.For example u press "d+w or a+w" and when he walks his arms dont move.
  9. H

    Gohan's music during cell junior fight - Need info

    Hey guys... After gohan kills the first cell junior, he then goes down to the other two near krillin, then some music pops up, anyone know the name of it? Every search i do brings up the fast paced gohan vs freeza music. Thanks
  10. D2

    Cell Revisited

    As some of you know I am rebuilding my old Dbz model, cleaning them, rebuild where needed and quadifying them completly. I know, I know "hey werent you working on Goku?" yes and don't worry ill get back to him too once I am completly finished with Cell. And sorry for letting you guys miss...
  11. EvolutionX

    Soaring over the Cell Games

    Hey guys. I just watch the video Soaring over the cell games, and i see a bug (or not) This is texture map bug?
  12. hleV

    [Video] Soaring Over the Cell Games

  13. S

    Hitler found in Splinter Cell Conviction!!!

    Well at least I think it's him...
  14. Damaera


    Happy birthday smiff you crazy ass **** ♥
  15. Spunky

    Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailer Released

    <embed src="http://www.viddler.com/simple_on_site/746f8895" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="fake=1" name="viddler" width="437" height="265"></object> Source...
  16. Flink_Power

    Cell Bug Open Beta 1.3

    What's is this bug in the ESF 1.3 Open Beta? It's a animations bug?:
  17. Spunky

    Wanted: New Sub

    If anyone is up for the job, I need a new Sub. This means someone who: Is smarter than the rest of this forum. Listens to ****ty acoustic music. Tells me all about their love for ****ty acoustic music. Reads Reddit religiously. Occasionally sends me awesome pictures and videos. Is willing to...
  18. Chakra-X

    Sol, a try at a more tonal style of digital painiting

    I enjoy digital paint because of the lack of mess, cost, and convenience of having everything you need on a screen. However, I've done mostly cell shading and not any "realistic" types of shading, so I decided to color in my character Sol in his new design with this style. Inked on paper...
  19. Spunky

    Splinter Cell: Conviction Delayed 'til April

    Source: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/97467-Splinter-Cell-Conviction-Delayed-for-Awesomeness Awesome news that they're taking the extra time to polish the game. I can't wait to see how much better it's going to be.
  20. T

    my perfect cell head

    i just made a mesh of perfect cells head and it turned out looking surprisingly good and I was wondering what you guys might think of it. I just hope this attachment works it seems to be bugging out on me update on body