1. S

    Milkshape probs

    hey there i just dled milkshape and ive got a few models i wanna change but how? like if i wanna make some model have green hair hehe not green but only as example what do i need or what do i do plz help me sry for posting here guys but i cant find it in the tutorials seeya
  2. S


    rs forums are down so I thought I'd try here,,, rs used to have a model bebi vegeta for ssj , the one where he is wearing a black suit and bright yellow armor.They dont have it no more.. does nebody have it that can add me and send it to me.. I would greatly appricitate it..
  3. D

    help: pic

    i need a pic from the namekian spaceship for my first map so if anyone has a pic post it here plz :talk:
  4. I

    Need to know were i can find these...

    Does anyone know were i can find a Frieza-final form and a Robo-Frieza (or however it's called and i'm not sure if there is even one). So, if you do know can you let loose and spill? If not, much appresiation for trying :D .
  5. K


    a GT goku and SSJ because every one makes it ssj4 and i cant stand ssj4
  6. C


    What about Android 13 the big blue guy?He would be a pretty cool replacement model. Lookin for a pic.
  7. stiffdog

    new website i created

    :] hey guys i made a website about some of my drawings i recently finished a goku drawing and will add it on later today. pics are big need to fix that its still under construction but up and running. go there and see some of my drawings non of its dbz ... yet will add goku sometime today...
  8. S

    vegeta gt

    does anyone have vegeta in his dbgt clothes. thanx in advance
  9. V

    Pro please read

    Hey do you have aim, icq, or Yahoo messanger, I wanted to know so I could talk to you about a model that I have been working on, I really need help with it, when I open it in the model viewer and in game his legs look like they are being inverted and I wanted to show it to you.
  10. P


    Very good man!:yes: :yes: :yes: But when you release it?? I can't wait!
  11. S

    SSJ2 Gohan

    Im lookin for SSJ2 Gohan in gokus clothes.Im not sure if that model has been made yet, but if you know of one PLZ TELL ME!!!
  12. G

    Mr. Satan!!!

    HEY I am looking for a mr.satan model. if anyone knows where i can find oneplease tell me, and if not just tell me if it exists!!! thanks:devgrin:
  13. T

    Putting images on images

    I made a bg and put text on it , And i opened a DBZ anime characer i wanted to put on and i dont know how to!
  14. P


    sweet model, needs eyes though
  15. M


    ive tried search button, no luck.. but is there a gt goku model out... not chibi goku, but after he is his same size ?
  16. Baaja


    thanks now it works
  17. Skyrider

    new ( kinda of a powerup whit the transform button )

    i whas just thinking something for Goku and gohan.. somekind of powerup that uses the transformation button. ( maybe for later versions in esf ) Goku --> normal --> kaoken --> ssj --> ssj2 ---> ssj3 gohan ---> angry powerup ---> ssj ---> ssj2 maybe they angry and kaoken shouldnt...
  18. SSJ n00b


    with what program i make folds to skins give dl link
  19. M

    Gt Goku model

    Hey i made this skin for goku from Gt! yes i didnt make the model, its goten with new clothes :) , But this is my first time i ever do anything with models so for a noob i think its a good job:] well what do you think? the pic is here yes the site is originally a Zelda site (and a...
  20. Demi-Shadow

    Link banner

    Click the link to visit MLOC forums, sign up and join in with the discussions! (cheap plug) Tell me what you guys think of this as an affilate button for my forum. If it's good enough I might ask about affilating with ESF, and maybe some other sites. Thanks