1. D


    HI, i am new to making maps, and i would like to know if you guys can help me out just a little. Thanks:)
  2. Majin Vegeta 05


    do u think it is good? i made it
  3. Majin Vegeta 05


    look at the button i just made
  4. S

    how to chanche .MAP into .BSP

    hi guys again!! lol:) i dont know how i chanche a .MAP file into a .BSP file ? plz i need it.ow for i forget it: if ill press RUN in WC. and than press OK than why it still say cant find GIANT_HOUSE (my map name) or something. so plz help me with that too! ;D
  5. Ecchi Pr0n

    My button?!?

    ok im not mad or any thing but who changed it ??? just wondering cause someone must of gotten pretty mad just to go and change that
  6. xstortionist

    Perfect Cell Teaser!!!!! WIP

    here is the Perfect Cell I was working on....Lots of tweaking to be made on the arms.
  7. I

    Gohan pimpage!!!!!( beta btw)

    heeeey done my torso and leggs...torso need a hell lot of tweaks i know..but just check what i have now [4 pics!!!!] theehee...gimme feedback or check www.ic0nz.tk
  8. S


    ignore this post I hit the wrong button.....
  9. S

    hey vass

    after i skin map something in lightwave, where the hell does it go? or did i just do it wrong?
  10. S

    Lightwave Question

    i feel dumb asking this but... how do you smooth a model when your rendering it in lightwave?
  11. G

    How do I get it back??

    Very big problem with milkshape!! You know the thing at the top where you check how far to zoom in and stuff!!! its not there look! How do I fix this!?? How do I get that toolbar back??
  12. L


    Cheers mate www.garethlocalshop@yahoo.com btw where can i get swiss cheese maps?
  13. Ecchi Pr0n


    i have a relley cool map all i need to know is how to make things brack and how to strcth textures and sky images