1. G

    !!!!!!!!Help with Milksahpe 3D!!!!!!!!!

    Hi! I'm learning to make models with Milkshape 3D and I have a problem!! to do this-> the tutorial say: "For that we click the 'Select'-button and make sure that 'Face' is shown in the selection field below. Then we drag a frame around the right side of our box. Oup, all red! Now we have to...
  2. P

    help me please

    I really want to know how I can make models or mods. if there is a special program I'll be glad to know about it. I really need help, please with thanks powersnake
  3. dillinger smith

    Nappa model, Please...

    Now, I just want to start off by saying I am sorry if this has been suggested before, and I searched the forum for this and didn't find it (looked and used the search button). Now I was just wondering if any one has made or wants to make a nappa model... because I love nappa he is a true sayan...
  4. G

    here some questions......

    where can i download the gotenks mod? is there some way that i can download new "weapons"? is there some way to do that i could transforn more than one time? is there some way i could put new charecters without replacing the old ones? when does the next version of ESF coming out? and what...
  5. S

    Strong Bad model

    I think someone should make a "Strong Bad" model for krillin or something. That would own!!!!! :D
  6. D

    Ahhhhh!!! Ms3d Problems!

    Ok, i started workin on a model yesterday...but for some reason today, the only way that i can make polygons are by using BOX, SPHERE...etc. I cant use the FACE option..and connect 3 vertecies...well...i can, its just that it doesnt DO anything. The program THINKS it made a polygon...cuz when i...
  7. B

    Brolly Model

    Hi there guys i have a couple questions. 1. Is there a brolly modle out for beta 1.1? 2. what do you think my sig needs its the first one ive made and im new to photshop. thanks
  8. W

    BIG PROB WITH MS3D!!!!!@!#! help me plz!!!!@#!#@

    i got prob with ms3d i wen i enter the code and the name he said thet i am register but then wen he restart the ms3d he write me thet i need to wait 2 min to be registerd wan i do thet i tryng to save my work but he is still said`s thet i am not register... and wen i relunche the ms3d he...
  9. P

    Everyone hacks Smo's SSJ Goku...

    Since everyone seems to hack Smo's SSJ Goku, someone hack it and make me a non SSJ goku, preferably Smo himself That model is the best goku model I've ever seen in my life Ever.
  10. E


    is there a brolly?
  11. S

    is there any ssj2 gohans for 1.1

    whats going on with that damn new gohan ssj2. post it here
  12. MysticVegeta

    Need help!

    I made model but its ms3d. How can i save it so it is .smd????????
  13. t he OnE Z Er0

    its there a gohan from coolers revenge

    :tired: it will be cool if there was one and a goku from coolers revenge:idea:
  14. D

    Where can I get .. ?

    Does anyone here know where I can get a skinning program? THAT IS FOR FREE!
  15. E

    does someone have ssj4 vegeta??

    does someone have ssj4 vegeta o_o
  16. X

    Hammer for Half Life 2

    Well I thought this deserved its own thread because it looks real good, plus there is comments on it at the bottom if you want to comment on it. http://collective.valve-erc.com/index.php?news=1052441121-23200400
  17. S

    how do u download models

    hi how do u download models i went on redsaiyan clicked on the models aint downloading could do with some help if can cheers
  18. AscensionX

    Hi Magus

    WHERE THE HELL IS THE 'requests' forum? lol i have nfi where it is. And i was Merely asking for help with a sound pack. I've already started the model, the plan was to start the thread first and post pics according to the peoples responses. Delete this if you want, i dont see how closing it...
  19. MysticVegeta

    1.0 to 1.1

    How do you make a model for 1.0 comptible with 1.1???
  20. t he OnE Z Er0

    could some one do ubb, gt goten, and gt gohan

    people will going to gt we need gt models specialy uub